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Clinic Kaung Myat mon

The company's main business category are diagnostic clinics. The company is active in the business areas of doctors and clinics. The Kaung Myat Mon Diabetes Center is among general clinics in . The Kaung Myat Mon Clinic is in Myanmar, Yangon. Address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description of the clinic can be found in our catalogue.

The Kaung Myat Mon Diabetes Center

The Kaung Myat Mon Center is under General Clinics in . The Kaung Myat Mon Diabetic Center is located at 270, Pyay Rd. in Sanchaung, Yangon. If you would like more information, please call the Kaung Myat Mon Diabetic Center at 01 - 516638, 01 - 503363 or at the above adress. Condition: See below card situation of KAUNG MYAT MON DIABETES Centerand adress of 270, Pyay Rd., Sanchaung Township, Yangon.

Calling experts to the diabetic awareness drive

One of the world' s foremost experts says that diabetics harm more humans than mines. Myanmar Diabetic Association's U Tint Swe Latt said to The Myanmar Times that most hand and leg injuries were caused by the illness, not by the land mines that are still contaminating parts of the state. The University of Medicine 2 and Department of Diabetics Project have found that diabetics are common in Myanmar.

"The poll shows that 10.5 per cent of the general public between the age of 25 and 65 have or will have diabetic disease. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that around 2.5 million diabetics in Myanmar already have this disease, and half of them do not know," said U Tint Swe Latt.

A further 2.5 million are prediabetic and susceptible to cardiac diseases and stroke, he added. Tint Swe Latt calls for a political initiative to inform the public about how to prevent the sickness. Cancer is an untreatable disorder that leads to an elevated level of glucose in the patients body. Its most frequent manifestation, ³cType 2³d is associated with life-style determinants, particularly adiposity.

Lifestyle changes to decrease stoutness levels would take more practice and avoid tobacco and alcohol, said U Tint Swe Latt. "If I fought it, I could have killed several people. All we need now is implementation," said U Tint Swe Latt.

The 38th Myanmar Dental Conference"".

Year 4, PhD student, Department of Oral Health Promotion, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan. Publicazioni - Kaung Myat Thwin, Takashi Zaitsu, Masayuki Ueno, Yoko Kawaguchi, Early Infant Dental Disease and related risks in pre-schoolers in Myanmar; International Journal of Clinical Preventive Dentistry 2016; 12 (4); 229-235.

A 6-month interventional trial was performed for 201 pre-schoolers in Myanmar to evaluate the effect of silvery-diaminfluoride ( "SDF") on decay in milk and carious pathogens in tooth decay and salivary tissue. Childrens were divided into two groups: Group A was given either ADF, Natriumfluorid (NaF) or B only NS.

An initial and six-month period included an initial dental exam, tooth decay test and dental hygiene training. Group A showed a significant decrease in all results from tooth decay risks, but no significant changes were observed in Group B after sixmonth. For group A, the share of detained decayed surface was 72.0% after 6-month.

Incisal teeth showed the highest percentage of decayed scars, while the second molar teeth had the highest percentage in both of them. The conclusion was drawn that SDF not only inhibits decayed skin but also reduces the amount of caries and the amount of sourness.

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