Kaung Myat Hotel in Mawlamyine

The Kaung Myat Hotel in Mawlamyine

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Launch of HURFOM film entitled Touch the Fire in Mawlamyine: Mon Human Rights

Mawlamyine' s Mon State-based Human Rights Foundation of Monland started a paper and news briefing on a coal-fired energy generation scheme in Ann-din Village, Ye Township, Mon State, on January 31, 2015 at Mawlamyine's Kaung Myat Hotel. Touching Fire", which was presented to the masses and civic organisations, documented the opinions of Toyo-Thai Company locals and officials to give every possible aspect of the planned nuclear energy station projects.

Toyo-Thai Co., a Thai-based enterprise consisting of a controlling shareholder of Japan, is planning to construct a 1270 megawatt coal-fired generating facility in Ann-din village, Ye Township, Mon State. One HURFOM employee explains: "The tape contains the votes of grassroots civic organisations (CSO) and community-based organisations (CBO), friars and locals from the nearby villages of Ann-din], but we did not record HURFOM's part.

The first time we interviewed the natives, they often didn't really speak their mind. The natives also had a short film about the station, which was very useful for us. A 40-minute film documenting the traditions of the town, showing the dependence on agriculture and the countryside.

The report also shows the ministers, the Member of Parliament and Toyo-Thai Company officials who visit the site to support the project, as well as the views of villagers, the EITI group, young people seeking information about coal-fired generating facilities in Thailand, generating industry professionals and a Member of Parliament who opposed the claim.

At the end we show how the locals are shared via the coal-fired station, which leads to conflicts among the village inhabitants. As a result of this dispute, the federal administration has called on the organization to stop the district trial program.

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