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Cat lover? Come and help in our cattery in Sweden

There is still a great deal to do to bring them into a fully-fledged two-storey bodega with a shop! There is no construction industry knowledge, only a readiness to help and work. Also we need help with the construction of our new flying wings - also known as our V.I.P. wings! Mary with 2 of our egypt Mau-Cat, Livano and Bahidi.

We were taken to their summer/lake home by John and Maria who showed us how to use a canoeboard. During barbecue, kayak and swim we spend a lot of quality fun together. This was such a remarkable period. They have also assisted us in exploring the area and some of the sights. At work Charee worked in the cottage and Antony worked with John on construction and other related work.

If we had the opportunity, we would definitely be spending more quality again. Mary and John are both very kind and open, as are their hounds and kittens. Cleansing the old one, some housework and setting up the new one were some of the things I did.

Mary & John - Thank you very much for the great times! So I learnt many new things about construction, walking, cats and Sweden, I tried to get up and fish for the first and even got a new name (Fred). John and Maria are especially worried about your security, especially the construction of the new one.

Thanks for your free and easy work......... more contacts with them - the ace! although I know that it would have been better for John if I could have helped with his huge challenge to build a new breed! Sleeping in the cellar area, which offered some intimacy, and it was nice to have homemade food and to share times together.

When you have free make sure you go on a'dressin' trip and if you enjoy sugars, you must go to Godishuset! Many thanks to John and Maria for the warm welcome and to all our animals for the great cuddly toys (especially muffin). We' ve really enjoyed it that you both really remain with us and help with so many different tasks that you are both always welcome........

It is a real joy to have you with us and to be so simple, you really appreciate the quality of the designs and handicrafts you have used in the production, soon it will take a place of honour in the new breed, we really like you. You' re actually very welcome and your work is valued, John is always in a good temper and makes fun and sings to the singer.

with her. Thank you John and Maria for the two wonderful years! Beside the work there was so much joy together with John and Maria. Thank you again for everything, John and Maria. Clayton and Lisa were very happy here, they fit in from the very first and both worked very well, both in the kennel and in the new building.

And we also liked to meet him and spend some personal quality with him. It was an astonishing experience with John and Maria and both felt that we should have spend much more of it. Most of Lisa's work involved taking charge of the kittens in her kittens' home, and I was helping John set up a new kennel and learned how to build on the road.

Thanks for the great times - we will certainly be back again! P.S. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Mary, ask her to make her mother's secret herb pie recipes, it's astonishing!

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