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The other names for their breed are Maine Cat, Maine Shag or Gentle Giant- because of their personality and size. The assassin's Maine Coons had no surprises. Maine Coon cats originate from North America in the state of Maine, where the name comes from. Mots-clés : chat, intestin grêle, maladie intestinale. The Maine Coon cat in Spanish.

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Maine Coon, is an US domestic and working cats. In the northeast of the USA, especially in the state of Maine, where they became the state' s offical queen in 1985. He is a member of the Shorthair family. Maine Cats, Maine Shag or Gentle Giants are other brands for their breed because of their name.

The Maine Coons are very good at games and horseplay. They are very sociable and that's why they don't like to be alone. When you look into the eye of a Maine Coon, you will always fell in lov. He' become our first Maine Coon. We have thought and thought for a long while, and have therefore chosen to found a Maine Coon race near Dresden.

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Maine Coon has its origin in North America in the state of Maine, where the name comes from. Maine Coon is also the Maine's offical state queen and there are many stories about the beginnings of the Maine Coon. Such a ridiculous tale is that wild house pets mate with raccoons, which is biological outrageous.

It was this history, together with the scrubby racoon and the Maine Coon's tufted mantle, that gave rise to the name Maine Coon. Probably the most obvious thing is that the race originates from mating between short-haired house pets and long-haired imports - either across the Atlantic or from other US states.

Maine Coon was already published in 1861 with a monochrome feline called'Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines'. The Maine Coons have always been very much loved at shows in America. In 1895 at a cattery in Madison Square Garden, a Maine Coon brindle woman won the best show.

The Maine Coons are independant and temperamental females. There are Maine Coons in many different colors, but they always have long hair.

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