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As we were finishing dinner, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to take a stroll. So I answered yes, but unfortunately I have to break the hangover now. Should have used the word "disturb" and not "destroy", which means "destroy".

What does "the hangover" mean?

Hi to everyone and welcome to our German Words of the Day. On this occasion, the significance of the term is at stake: this term has two very different connotations. First one' s a maniac. There is also the term of a" cat", which is the common name of the breed, as well as the term for a" cat".

Hangovers really are for men only. But the other sense of the cat is something completely different..... isn't it? However, the other cat also has severe headaches and some "Oh, if only I had refused the last few shot of tequila". As you may have already surmised, a tomcat is a tomcat.

I have a tomcat. he's probably hung over unless he actually has a tomcat he hid from you in his room and he's resolved to reveal his fuzzy purr. She' hung over? This would have to be a REALLY epoxy tomcat. What's the difference between the term man and tom?

They are the same today, but the origins of the Schnapps Hangover is the term Katharr (catarrh), which is a kind of neck disease and was used by the pupils of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Apropos hangovers - the cat is hung over.

I' m hung over. The third meeting with the term sore is muscle ache. If you have sore muscle from sport in German, you would say that you have sore muscle. One current example of the term hangover as a manly cats is the film "Kater in Stiefeln".... the German name of the film (and the fairy tale) is "Der gesiefelte Kater" - wow, the second wording looks terrible.

There are no changes in cases 3 and 4 if you have only one male. When you have several males and give them something to feed and put them in case 3, you have to put an additional'n' (like n-negative).

I' m feeding the males. That was our message of the moment.

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