The Kathmandu Restaurant is an Indian-Nepalese restaurant located in Salt Lake City, Utah. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] The Kathmandu (????

?????)[48] is the biggest and most important town in Nepal and the eponym of the Kathmandu Valley. Formerly considered the legendary and impenetrable Shangri-La, Kathmandu is now a turntable for self-sufficient travelers and a thriving resort for every budget. A 2011 civic count shows that the Kathmandu metropolitan area alone has 2.5 million residents, and the agglomeration has a total of more than 3 million.

This conurbation is 50. It has a surface area of 67 km2 (19. 56 km2) and a demographic concentration of 3000 per km2 and 17000 per km2 in the town. Nepal lies at an altitude of about 1,400 meters in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley in the center of Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley is part of three boroughs (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur), has the highest concentration of inhabitants in the county and is home to about one twentieth of Nepal's people.

The Kathmandu River Basin and its adjacent areas were known as the Nepal Mandala. Bhaktapur was its capitol until the fifteenth centuries, when two other capitols, Kathmandu and Lalitpur, were founded. Throughout the Rana and Shah periods, Britain's scholars named the Nepal Proper itself. Kathmandu is today not only the capitol of the Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal, but also the head office of the central development region Nepal.

The Kathmandu is situated in the Bagmati zone. In Kathmandu there is the gate to Nepal tourist industry. Nepal has the most progressive infrastructures of all Nepal's metropolitan areas, and its economic base is geared towards the tourist industry, the 3rd largest in Nepal, and the most important in the world. Kathmandu's tourist industry then decreased during a turbulent time, but has since been improving.

TripAdvisor placed Kathmandu third in the top 10 global tourist destination list in 2013 and first in Asia. It has a long tradition that goes back almost 2000 years, as can be seen from the engravings in the town. Religions and culture festivals make up a large part of the life of the Kathmandu population.

Many of Kathmandu's men and women are Hindu and many others Buddhists. Kathmandu also has those who have other religions that give it a kosmopolitan civilization. Nepal is the most widely speaking in town. The English of Kathmandu is understandable by its learned inhabitants. Kathmandu's twin towns (Lalitpur Patan) and Bhaktapur are an integrated part of Kathmandu's historical legacy, tourist industries and economies; therefore the UNESCO World Heritage Site includes all three towns with their sights and amenities under the title "Kathmandu Valley-UNESCO World Heritage Site". Here you can find a list of all three towns.

The Kathmandu Valley is located in the Warm Temperature Zone of Nepal (altitude 1,200-2,300 meters), where the weather is quite moderate, untypical for the area. Parts of the lower altitude town have a moist semi-tropical environment, while parts of the higher altitude town generally have a sub-tropical upland environment.

Kathmandu Valley's mean annual body heat fluctuates between 28-30 °C (82-86 °F). In general, the town has a mild weather with hot weather followed by chilly evenings and morning. In 2013, during a colder front, Kathmandu's winters fell to -4 C (25 F), and the lowest was measured at -9 on 10 January 2013.

Precipitation is mainly due to the monsun ( approximately 65 per cent of the overall concentration in the month of the monsoons from June to August) and clearly declines from east Nepal to west Nepal (100 to 200 cm). Precipitation for the Kathmandu Valley is about 1,400 millimeters (55.1 in) and for the town of Kathmandu an average of 1,407 millimeters (55.4 in).

Kathmandu's Tribhuvan lnternational Airports (IATA: KTM) is the biggest and only Nepal's major global hub situated 5.5 km eastern of the famous Thamel area. While Kathamandu has no non-stop connections to Europe, Africa, North and South America and Australasia, the airports are well served and it is usually possible to fly to Kathmandu with only one transfer, in most cases with the same carrier.

One of the main companies flying to Kathmandu is the Kathmandu Airlines: Bangkok, Bangalore, Delhi, Doha, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai. Whilst it is possible to make reservations on-line, it is often less expensive to make them in Nepal through an agency. Please note that your bags are susceptible to boarding and alighting from this area. Note that when you pick up your bags, an "airport van collector" may appear to help you with a van.

If you are just about to arrive in Nepal, you often only have a large amount of overseas cash in your bag, which makes the tip a minor difficulty. Do not try to change cash at the airports as they offer lower prices and lower fees than Thamel or anywhere else in the town.

In Kathmandu there are no train services and it is not possible to rent a vehicle without a chauffeur. These types of transportation are especially useful if you are a newcomer to Nepal, arrive later in the evening and don't know how things are going in the state. Advance taxis are NPR 700-800 for Thamel.

Periodic cabs are an easier way to get into the town, but be ready to bargain the fare beforehand, with a focus on the area. You can get the lowest fare to Thamel is NPR400-500, or if you go to the end of the car park and take a cab there (where the cabs don't have to charge the entry fees to the airport), you can get a fare of NPR200-300 that is near the normal metre-fare.

Pick-up and return of bus at the nearest bus station at the departure gates, 0.5 km from the terminals. In order to get to Kathmandu from the Kathmandu International Airports, turn right after leaving the terminals. From Kathmandu to the Kathmandu International Bus Station, take the bus from Purano Bus Station near Ratna Station (GPS 27. 703577, 85.316711).

See the "Get in" section in Nepal for more information. Between Kathmandu and almost all parts of Nepal there is a regular and inexpensive coach transport. Busses coming from the borders to India, Pokhara and Chitwan end in Kathmandu either at Balaju Terminal (North) or Kalanki Terminal (South). Minibuses " are available from there, which are crossing the major streets of the town for about NPR20.

The 200 km route between Kathmandu and Pokhara is operated by NPR800 tour coaches ( 6-7h) and NPR400-600 minibuses ( 6-7h) which run almost every 15 min from 07:30 a.m. until mid afternoons. Every day a comfortable coach connects the famous Kathmandu areas of Thamel and Pokhara's Lakeside (USD 20, includes lunch).

Nepal's roads are curvy and steep with many setbacks, offering a magnificent view of the rolling countryside and Nepal's countryside life. Busses run between Kathmandu and the towns of Patna, Gorakhpur, Varanasi (INR1.200) and Lucknow. Between Kathmandu and the Nepalese-Sinnian frontier of the Rasuwa Fort there are busses and mini vans. When you arrive, get a free Kathmandu Valley card at the Kathmandu International Park Terminal.

First thing some visitor to Kathmandu might remark is the general shortage of road titles, with the exception of key streets such as Tri Devi & Ring Road and home numbers. Kathmandu Guest House & Hot Breads B&B are two key attractions in the Thamel area.

Kathmandu can be explored on walking, but it's not always a nice stroll & you might want to use one of the local transport services so that you don't have to hike in just one area. There are rickshaws around the tourism area Thamel and taxi's everywhere. It can be very hard to find a taxi after 22:00 outside main touristic areas or large hotel.

You should be able to rent a cab for 300 hours one way to Patan & 800-1,200 hours to Bachtapur from Thamel or the international airports. Beyond 11:00, cabs may be more difficult to find outside Thamel. Busses are also available for longer excursions in the valleys, e.g. to Patan, Bakhtapur, Boudha, etc., which can be used for excursions in and around the city.

Below you will find hints for travelling outside the valleys. On the Ring Road, you will find a permanent circle of busses and busses around the town - for 20 to 35 rps, according to the distances. Thamel is about 1.5km walking from Ring Road, and you can take the coach to many of the major sights, which saves you the cost of a taxi/rickshaw.

Chowk - a touristic district with many eateries and stores. Gardens of Dreams / Emperor Mahal[49] - Enjoy this lovely and tranquil gardens with walls near Thamel and the former Royal Palace. It is an antique place full of buildings and monuments, among them the present day Kasthamandap or "wooden house", which gives the town its name.

The site is the most beloved UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal. Unless you want to cough up the slightly high price of admission to a town area, it's very simple to creep into Durbar plaza from the western side via small side streets. Situated in the former Hanuman Dhoka building block, the inner court was only used for king's crownings in 2001.

The town of Kalmandu itself has only restricted activity for the visitor beyond the stunning sights and general experiences of the stay. It is the base for many adventure tours in the whole land, among them hiking, river riding, jungles and more. 1 days Champadevi Hill hiking tour, incl. hiking tour to Champadevi Hill - one of the most picturesque places on the edge of Cathmandu.

3 hrs by coach eastwards of Kathmandu, near the Tibetan frontier, offers the third highest bungee jumping in the word. The majority of locals fly one-hour over the Himalayas from Kathmandu between 6:30-9:00 a.m. and cost US$197. Booking in advanced during the busy touristic seasons.

The Kathmandu and Dubar Square are the centres of many Nepalese festivities. Especially Dasain tends to close most of the town in October. The Indra Jatra Harvest takes place every September on 8 nights at Dubar Square in Kathmandu. Kathmandu University and is situated on the grounds of the Ka-Nying convent [short for "Kagyu and Nyingma"] Shedrup Ling.

Situated near Baudha, Kopan provides ten-day regular retreats throughout the year, and a one-month course (for which he is famous) every November to December. Vipassana Centres,[53]. The Bikram College of India Yoga,[55] Everyday workshops in the center of Thamel on a drop-in or monumental base. First boarding college for Nepalese Yogic.

59 ] Provides 3-day practice and facilitation retreats, eight yogic discipline courses every day, and experimentation with Tibetan remedial bowls, and often has visiting instructors from abroad. This is one of the biggest libraries in Nepal within the Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur. The Kathmandu Educational Project has a center in Kathmandu (behind Kilroy's) that provides information on Nepal's environment.

Thamel has many ATMs, but not all accepts international tickets. The Indian SBI can be used at Nepal SBI with a very low charge (~50 NPR) and without exchange charge. When you stay in Thamel, the Shop Right Supermarket, near Kathmandu Guest House, has the largest selection of staple foods and treats, with NPR30 for a 1 liter glass of fresh drinking soda.

In general it is probably the most pricey grocery store in Thamel. The majority of shops have a tendency to demand more for tourists. The Kathmandu is a great place to get supplies or market your readings. The Vajra Books[65], Jyatha, Thamel (very close to Chikusa Café). Enormous choice of Buddhist, Nepalese and Tibetan study literature.

The Pilgrims [66] in Thamel (next to the Kathmandu Guest House) was the biggest and most popular English-language bookstore in Kathmandu until it burnt down in May 2013. Please pay a call to the nearby branch - Pilgrim's Bookstore on JP Rd, Thamel; opposite Helena's Restaurant. Tibetan bookstore, Thamel (on the street that leads from the palace).

Thamel' s streets are full of antiquarian bookshops. Possibly the best for all kinds of references, scholarly text, tourism textbooks and cards. In Mandala we also publish essays on Nepal's social sciences, humanities, cultural studies, political science and Nepal's historical background. This is also a center for most scientists who visit Nepal, and guests are invited to participate in the animated and instructive debates that take place every night at the store.

It is situated on the eastern side of Kantipath, just South of Mountain Hotel and the Nabil Bank buildings. Situated near the New Orleans Cafe in Jawalakhel, this bookstore is in an old 1930' edifice and blends a large library of literature with a wonderfully welcoming area. Kathmandu's most beloved meal could be moomo, a knödel that has its origins in the mountain Tibet.

It is also a good place to try indigenous Chinese cuisine, as well as try some of the best old traditions. Wait to be able to pay NPR140-280 in a touristic place, let alone in places of interest. In the Thamel area there are tens of tourists restaurant offering everything from the Mid East to Mexico. Leknath Marg, on the northern border of Thamel (27°43'05. 4 "N 85°18'37.8 "E).

The best Dale I had during my 6 week stay in Nepal and one of the least expensive places in the Thamel region. When you are looking for a fast, inexpensive savoury lunch with delicious momos or curry, visit the small sidewalk stall on the other side of the ring street right at the international airports. Back to the airfield, it is only 200 meters to the right of the hotel, at the intersection of a small country lane.

Front candy, back quick foods eatery. It is the core of the upscale Nepalese commercial area, where New Road and Dharma Path mingle. Cafe Bakery There are several branches of this Kettenrestaurant around Kathmandu and Patan. Because of its widespread appeal it can be regarded as "the McDonald's of Nepal".

Even though it's not quick foods, you'll find great dishes here that are cooked in 15-minute time. Outstanding Indian and Traditional China cuisine, specialized in cathi buns, which are a roasted shallow loaf wrapped with seasoned meats, breadcrumbs or vegetables. The place that can be seen in Kathmandu, located in Babar Mahal, visited again, directly at the major intersection Thapathali, near the old parliamentary house.

Superb quality lettuce and salad. Mike's Breakfast is 15 minutes walking distance from the Thamel Taxi booth, but bewildering with one-way roads. Nepal's best flapjacks and now other dishes. Natraj Tandoori Natraj Tandoori Billig, abundant and tasty dishes from India. Because they are the only regular supply Kathmandu based business, they are one of a kind.

The Roadhouse Cafe operates outside Thamel in Bhat Bhatteni, a bloc just North of the Bhat batheni grocery store, and Pulchowk. Wounjala Moskva Hidden in the Naxal County, exquisite Nevari dish in a wonderful environment, shows in the inner yard of the restaurants and limitless shooting hot water. Although Nepal is a coffee-producing nation, it is well known that humans are teasers.

Jyatha Street, Thamel[69]. Gallery Cafeat throamel. "Here you will find the youthful élite of Kathmandu. On the upper floor is the last edifice on the leftside when you exit Toramel, towards the former Royal Palace, near a plaque for an Apple computer store. The Dolce Vita in Thiamel has ILLY Coffe é - Italy's favourite Italian coffe (don't miss to order its delicious deserts when you drink your own espresso cup).

The Roadhouse Cafe in Thamel, Bhat Bhatteni or Pulchowk, has ULLY COFFEE-Italy's favourite coffees (single or double), cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, etc. Join your cup of tea with a choice of deserts (p.s. Tiramisu is the best you can find in Thamel). It' got to beoffee point on Thapathali Road. Supported at the Kanchenjunga Housing location in the Trade Tower Nepal (TTN) opposite Rashtra Banijya Banka in front of Nepal Rastra Banka and next to Khadya Sangsthan (Nepal Food Corporation).

The Gorkha Berry, Everest Berry, Nepal Ice, San Miguel, Carlsberg and Tuborg are the main traditional ales offered in Kathmandu. A few stores not far from Kathmandu Guest House. Meals (bar-nacks / Asia fusion) and beverages serve. There is a good choice of meals and beverages and a free of charge corn popcorn! What a pleasure!

Local and ex-patients as well as tourists; one of the few dancing club in Kathmandu. Across from the Kathmandu guesthouse, many night long lives. Called by his executive "the most happened place in Kathmandu". There' s a guy who loves to be around a tourists. Above, (see door sign) half way down the hill on the between Hot Breads and Steak Housesstreets.

Practically all of our accommodation is in Thamel, near Kathmandu Guesthouse. Some guesthouses are still on Freak Street below Durbar Square, they are usually a little less expensive and a little less maintained than Thamel, but the neighborhood is calmer and there are fewer outouts, although there are more pick-pockets.

Situated near the old town and the most important transport connections. Extremely effective personnel, especially for Nepal. There is a privat hospital near by. Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal. Jyatha, Thamel Tel: 977-1-4250188 Mobile: 9841211528 E-mail: amit_tangal@hotmail.com. Funny and welcoming pension on the outskirts of Thamel, but with questionable commercial practice and not particularly neat and urgent for shops and waters, the orange color was no hot one.

Glittering Turtle Packers Hostel outside of Thamel, near the Swayambunath Temple, this place is calm, full of backpacker and serving unbelievable cuisine. Nepal is currently secure to explore, but beware. Nepal has become relatively peaceable since the Maoists took power. Find out about the state of the roads before you leave Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the most frequent way to the Karkavitta frontier town. In Kathmandu, keep an eyeball on your things. Like in any big town, you should not go alone in areas without light. Since February 2017, power has been available around the clock in most of the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu's waters are almost deadly, and water-borne disease is widespread.

Conditions may vary in Kathmandu in homes or in one of the better Kathmandu hotel accommodation. Groceries can be polluted and some recommend that you only dine in bigger places, although bigger places are no guarantees against it. Although you had to be proactively immunized against hydrophobia before travelling to Nepal, it is necessary to treat you after possible exposition to avoid infections.

In Nepal, no cases of bird flu have been recorded yet, but they have been reported in neighbouring states. This is one of the few places in Kathmandu where you can get healthcare on an equal footing with the West. Central in Lazimpat, opposite the UK Consulate, it is well equipped, but it cost 50 dollars just to be seen by a physician.

The Shechen Clinic, situated in the crowded Baudha district, is a sanitary and effective place for health care. The Patan Clinic is definitely the best open access clinic in Nepal. The majority of cafés and cafés in tourism areas have free WLAN for clients. Computer/web rental is almost piled up in Thamel & near theupa near Boudha.

Skype is available in most areas of tourism. Most airlines have their office on Hatisser Rd, about 20 minutes walking distance from Northern Thamel/Jyatha, if you need to buy/edit a tickets. In the Kathmandu Valley there are a number of holy places and historic towns. Lalitpur (7 km south of Thamel, across the Bagmati River) is one of the biggest towns in Nepal.

The Patan Durbar Square is a UNESCO Cultural Landscape Site with many monuments, sculptures, palaces and the indispensable Patan Museum attractions. The Kirtipur is one of the oldest villages in the Kathmandu valley. Situated next to Patan. A lot cleaner and quieter than in the centre of Kathmandu. The Boudhanath (7 km north of Kathmandu) is home to at least 29 Buddhist monasteries and nunneries and one of the biggest Buddhist stupa in the worlds, the Boudha Stupa, a UNESCO cultural site erected in the fifth millennium AD.

The Namo Buddha is one of the most important Buddha pilgrim places in Nepal and one of the most sacred in the whole wide range. The Shivapuri Hill and the Bishnu Muhan (20km N from Kathmandu) is a small source from which the Bishnumati is born. Located 30 km from Kathmandu and 2,000 metres above sea level, Nagarkot is the perfect place for a fast excursion from the busy metropolis for relaxing and enjoying your outdoors.

Last 5 km of the tour are tight, with many bends on the street. Club Himalaya Resort, 3 km outside the town, has a great viewpoint. The Dhulikhel (30 km south of Kathmandu) is a small town with a beautiful and peaceful location for walking through the roads and seeing the "non-tourist" side of Nepalese cuisine.

Choangunarayan (20 km from Kathmandu) is a small town and houses the old Changu Narayan Tempel, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Kathmandu Valley. Situated 32 km south of Kathmandu, Panauti is one of the oldest cities in Nepal, with many churches built in the fifteenth century or before.

The Kakani (30 km from Kathmandu) is a village of 8,000 inhabitants known for its farming of strawberries. Major national carriers are Nepal and Buddha Airport, Yeti and Viva. It is a beautiful little town on Lake Phewa (5-8 hrs by coach, 40 min flight). It is a favourite tourist attraction and also offers a busy livescene of musical entertainment.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the Kanti Path street at Thamel 6. Khumbu, near Mount Everest, is a stone's throw from Kathmandu and features snow-capped summits and yacht charters transporting goods over Tibetan passages. Nepal to Tibet Highways. On this street you can cycle or take the coach, it is the amity between Nepal and China.

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