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We currently provide a chauffer services where you can be comfortably transported with your own car. Drivers place their bids for your journey. Select your drivers by costs, stars, experience or if you have used them before. Drivers arrive at your planned starting point.

With our in-app chats and chauffeur tracker, you can keep in touch with your chauffeur and know where he is at any given moment. Once the journey has been concluded, the application will complete your payments. Hangover offers you a more comfortable, cheaper and more individual way of travelling. You' re not sure how much a hangover costs?

Why use hangovers? As Uber we link clients with chauffeurs. In contrast to Uber, Kater clients are driving with the comforts of their own vehicles. In this way, the customer can lean back and enjoy the peace of mind in their own cars and know that a professionally tested chauffeur is driving them through the town.

Might I use hangovers? Hangover is an inexpensive reservation per h. When you carpool with your buddies, travel between towns, go from meet to meet, or are looking for a celebrity event, hangovers make a whole host of sence. Visit our Hangover page to take advantage of all the advantages of a hangover.

What is the process of selecting your device to use? Our riders have an avarage of 16 years of driving and many of them have a driving licence of group one. To be eligible to become a driving mate, you must have at least a driving licence category 5 with more than 2 years of non-learning driving on it. Riders must complete a back-office review, interviews, online tutorials and tests before gaining entry to the hangover site.

What distinguishes you from a particular transport company? Hangovers are a round-trip transport that means our partner are not only riders who take you from A to B. Your experienced rider will be at your disposal during your whole reservation period and even longer if you need to prolong your reservation period.

You will also be able to leave your vehicle at no extra charge. Hangover allows you to get a real celebrity moment so you can concentrate on what's really important to you. What's this gonna take? Once you have entered your travel data and are looking for a suitable rider, the riders will offer your journey and make their rates available to you.

It is possible to select your favourite rider on the basis of rates per hour, reviews and experiences. When cancelling a journey, please reverse the journey within the Hangover Aperture. Cancellations made within 2 hrs of your planned pick-up times or if you do not show up will be subject to a $50 charge to meet the costs of arranging your driving for you.

You will be asked by the chauffeur to prove that you have taken out effective car cover. Your car will only be driven if you have sufficient motor third party third-party third-party third-party motor-license. Explore the latest blogs, themes and one-of-a-kind prospects by reading our hangover blogs below.

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