Kasos Island

Casos Island

Casos also Casos, is a Greek island community in the Dodecanese. This is the southernmost island of the Aegean Sea and belongs to the regional unit Karpathos. With the words of a famous Greek poet and poet, the island of Kasos is "a kiss conveyed by the foamy sea". Casos is a perfect Greek island to visit authentic festivals, culinary traditions and hospitable people under the rhythms of the lute and lyre. Search hotels in Kasos, gr online.

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Kasos commune comprises several inhabited off-shore islets, the biggest of which are Armathia and Makronisi. It has a surface area of 69,464 km2. 4] It comprises five towns, Fry (pronounced as "free", 47 inhabitants), Agia Marina (14), Panagia (18), Poli (78) and Arvanitochori (169). It is the capitol and home of the port of the island, Agia Marina is the most populated town.

Casos is characterized by the absence of great tourist, the excellent food of its people, the excellent seafood, cheese and other specialities, and the warm welcome it gives its people. Kasos (at that time known as Amphie, Astrabe and above all Achnis) was used by the Philistines as a secure harbour in antiquity, the first known colonies being of Minoan and Mycenaean origin[5] According to Homer (Ilias, 2.676) Kasos vessels helped to bring about the Trojan War.

During the 1911-12 Italian-Turkish War, on 12 May 1912, after the so-called "Battle of Cassos" on 29 January 1912, the island was invaded by the seamen of the Regia Marina Regina Elena. 1 With the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, Kasos annexed the other Dodecanese isles owned by Italy in the context of the Italians of the Mediterranean and was transferred by Italy to Greece under the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947.

On 7 March 1948 the island, together with the other Decanese archipelagos, officially acceded to the Kingdom of Greece.

There are 7 good reason to go to Kasos | Editor's Pick

Journey on this small island that is largely unspoilt by the tourist industry and introduces the visitor to an ancient and genuine piece of Greece. Casos lies eastern of Crete and is the most southern of the archipelago of Dodekanese. However, this is an island with agreeable and inviting inhabitants, which is very worthwhile for those who strive to do so.

Situated near the principal harbour of Fr., the natives in pre-Ottoman times put all their significant skill into the building of this 2,000 year old harbour. In the church of Aghios Spyridonas, with its artistic belfry, the owners have an important photo gallery of families illustrating the island's past centuries.

From Pounta take a stroll to Emboreio to watch the sun set or take a dip on its sandy beaches, which are particularly comfortable when there is no north breeze. Continue on to Panagia, a beautiful town with a number of well-preserved mansions with impressive ancient pillars at the front and beautiful wood carvings on the door.

In the same town there is the Pera Panaghia Basilica, where one of the largest festivals on the island is held on 15 August, a day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. There are six small villages in the town, which are also a beautiful example of ancient architectural work. The 2nd of September is an important date for this temple; the local people meet for a great devotional feast and spend the night in the sleeping rooms of the cloister.

Past Fr. and Bouka, as you drive westwards, you will pass a small temple devoted to Saint Constantine (Aghios Constantinos) which mark the junction to the Ammouas shore. Continuing along the street for about 5 km, you will arrive at the Antiperatos beaches, consisting of three small bays with magnificent blue-green water that may be chopped off by north wind.

Helathros is also a beautiful cove with clear water and solid cliffs surrounding the town. Setting sails from the harbour, 35-40 min drive westwards to Armathia Island, where you can enjoy a dip on one of the most beautiful sanded Mediterranean shores known as Marmara.

A further stunning trip - although you will need a locally based tourist leader - takes you along the east shore of the island, giving you easy entry to lovely unaccessible beach areas such as Agali and Gialoui. Casos is known for its outstanding cheese varieties and other milk produce.

Close to the entry to the village of Aghia Marina, when travelling from Antiperato, is the Vonaparti milk factory, the only large company on the island that produces and exports delicious cheese locally throughout Greece. The Aghios Georgios in Hadia is about 15 kilometres further along the main street and, together with Mytata, is the place where the inhabitants of Kasos have been making cheese for many years.

There is nothing that will make your stay in Kasos as valuable as taking part in one of the many festivities that the people of Kasos enjoy organising, especially weddings, baptisms and holy days. Municipal groups play mainly lute and lute melodies, while song plays the lyrics of the Cretan Mandinads.

If you slurp your rainbow you may find that you have forgotten your times and the rising rays of the day have already come, but don't be afraid, these are experience you will recall for many years to come.

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