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Kissarotujenen ensyklopedia. The Parragon Books, 2006. Soissarodut Suomen Hissaliitto ry. we-wwww. Kansainvälinen Kisokaliitto F IFe Kuokittelee Krisarodut keljään hei categoriaan Turk pituden yes rokenteen perustella. Category I Kuuuluvat pitchkäkarvat yes Exotics, II pairskäkarvat, III lyhytkarva- yes Somaliaikissat yes IV Italian version Kite (Pollard 2006, p. 370.) Select selected derivate ole oen hyvaekymiä.

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. When you sign in to Flickr, you'll see your personal pictures and bigger pictures. The Flickr Hive Mind is a Flickr photo base datamining utility that allows you to find tags (keywords), Flickr photo groups, Flickr viewers, their friends and favourites, free text and the Flickr Explore algorithms.

Also Flickr Hive Mind can be an efficient way to easily locate images with licences that allow non-commercial (and sometimes commercial) use. Influenced by (and thanks to) Flickr Leech. While Flickr Hive Mind does not store any personally identifiable information or photographs, some general IP addresses and times are stored in my admin log.

The Flickr Hive Mind currently consumes about 13.6 Terabyte of networkbandwidth per year (without the pictures themselves)!

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