Carolys (????, Karor?

) is the EX merger of Goku and Broly in Dragon Ball Fusions. is a professor at the Institute of Psychology at Arizona State University.

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"and Goku's EX merger! Legendary Super and Goku unite in a terribly strong shape! "Karoly (????, Karor?) is the EX merger of Goku and Larry in Dragon Ball Fusions. Karoly's performance is a mix of Broly's Legendary Super and Goku's Super shape. Goku's and Broly's merge with a metamo ring on his lefthand ankles.

Karolys character is the same as Goku's, as Goku has full command of the merger. "The Tekka crew in Area 4 of Timespace Rift, A Deadly Saiyan," they meet Goku again, who asks the crew about their workouts. She creeps up on the group and uses her demon skills to take complete command of the gocus group.

Angry Broly is also under Towa's command, forcing her into the EX merger to use the resulting merger against Tekka's team. But when Karoly is borne, he turns out to be resilient to Towa's controls because of his immense powers, and she retires after the merger with Broly. Admitting he took Towa over to merge with Broly, Goku was eager to unite his powers with the legendary Super Saiyan, which normally would not have been possible because Broly's hate for Goku was outrageous.

Karoly is sometimes seen as an option during The Fused World instead of Tekka and Pinich. V-Jump, who first revealed a part of Karoly in Fusions, noticed that he is potentially more mighty than Vegito. Now Towa thinks Karoly is tough enough to fight the god of Beeru's destruction.

Ki-blast - The simplest type of energetic assault. Giant Meteor - A mighty special Broly powerball action. Ghost Bomb - Karoly gathers vast quantities of energies from all selected ambient lifeforms and inert items to channel this energies into a vast realm of amazing destruction.

Goku's Spirit Bomb - A more powerful variant of the Spirit Bomb purchased from Goku that can be used as a special move from Karoly. Giant Ghost Bomb - A special merger action combining Broly's Giant Meteor and Gokus Ultra Ghost Bomb. It' one of Karolys special actions. Monsters Throw - Karoly grasps the enemy by the scalp and tosses him in the sky.

Warriors of the Force Poles Combos - A combined combat game. A strong variation of our popular combined poles. Camehameha - A strong ki shot taken with two arms after a large amount of ki has been concentrated. Superb kamehamehaa - An extended and more efficient variation of the kamehamehaa. A full powered kamehamehaa with more energy.

Limit-breaker Kamehameha - First Karoly either raises his hand in the sky or connects his hand to the side. Then he loads the assault with his pulled hand, like a normal Kamehameha. Eventually he launches the assault on his enemy in the shape of an orange-red power surge.

Energieladung - A supporting power-up technology that enables the wearer to recover his entire Ki immediately. Next-generation Full Powers Charge - A supporting power-up technology that allows the operator to recover his entire Ki immediately. Max Charge - A supporting power-up technology that allows the wearer to recover his entire ki immediately.

Column of Fire - Karoly raises his right-handed finger upwards with his index and mid-finger and triggers a bursting wave. Flaming Pillars - With a rapid upward movement of the wrist, Karoly can produce a solid nuclear blast that has the ability to cause an almost infinite pit in the required area.

First Karoly creates an energy shield around his skull. Caroly is shown in a shape that is a mixture of the shapes Super and Legendary Super Saiyan, whereby his coat is both red and amber. The Dragon Ball Goku -Broly merger was previously suggested by the Dragon Ball Colectible Cards Game, but the map itself does not represent the merged personality, but rather shows the two merging personalities side by side.

He was called Broku in this match and was a merger of Super Goku and Super brok. The second Goku merger that uses part of its name, Kakarot, is Vegito. This is probably due to Broly's trend to call Goku by his name.

Barotto, the EX merger of Goku and his sire Bardock, also shares this with him. Carolys Black is its technical equivalent because it is an EX fusion of Goku Black and Broly the only distinction between them is Carolys Black combining Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan with Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé shape.

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