The town of Karlstad[?k???sta] is the seat of the municipality of Karlstad, the capital of the district of Värmland and the largest town in the province of Värmland in Sweden.

The town of Karlstad is the largest town in Värmland in Sweden. The town of Karlstad lies in the Klarälvendelta on the northern shore of Lake Vänern, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.

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The town of Karlstad[?k???sta] is the headquarters of the town of Karlstad, the county capitol of Värmland and the main town of the Värmland region in Sweden. In 2015 the town had 61,492 residents, in 2017 90,882 residents in the large community and is the 21. greatest community in Sweden. Karlsstad has a college and a dome.

The town of Karlstad lies on the banks of the Vänern, Sweden's longest tributary, the Klarälven, which flows into Sweden's biggest lakes. After Västerås it has the second biggest seaport in the state. In Karlstad, it is often associated with bright light and the Karlstad icon is a bright smile. Karelstad is considered one of the brightest cities in Sweden and a native waiter, known as "Sola i Karlstad" (the Karlstad sun) for her bright atmosphere, is also honoured with a sculpture.

In the Middle Ages, Karlstad's biggest island had a town hall named Tingvalla, which had its origins in the Viking period before 1000 AD. On 5 March 1584 Karlstad received his town rights from the Swedish Duke Charles, who was later coronated King Charles IX of Sweden.

Karlstad takes its name from the king - Karlstad means Karl's town. Charlemagne also got the right as a government residence in the area from the duke and gave him a considerable amount of lands. Duke the Duke constructed his own home in the town, called Kungsgården (The King's Mansion).

The Karlstadter cathedral was 1724-1730 by Christian Haller on the area of the Kungsgården build. In Karlstad there were four big burns. Afterwards Karlstad was reconstructed according to a raster with broad roads encircled by wood. 1905 the treaty for the dissolution of the European Community between Norway and Sweden was agreed and initialled in Karlstad.

In Värmland, the overwhelming number of pupils have to travel or move to Karlstad to attend high school. The degree is provided by Karlstad Unversity, which received academic recognition in 1999. In Karlstad icehockey is a very favourite sports for spectators. Färjestad BK is the most favourite of the clubs.

They play in the Sweden Hockey League (SHL, highest level) and their home is the Löfbergs Stadium. It has won the championship several championships, most recently in 2011, and is the most succesful icehockey association in Sweden since the founding of the elite series (Swedish icehockey league since 2013) in 1975.

There are other icehockey teams and Karlstad is also part of the first division of icehockey (3rd highest level) by the Skåre BK group. Karlstad also played host to the 2010 Men's Inline World Championship, with the Löfbergs Arena being the main venue for the event. Typically, it is the most favourite ski resort in Karlstad, and the town is home to two of Sweden's most historic ski resorts, IF Boltic and IF Karlstad-Göta.

From 1979 to 1988 Boltic achieved the 10th final in Sweden in a row. Boltic was the winner of the final. BolticGöta was founded in the year 2000 as BS BolticGöta, today's large Bandyclub in Karlstad. Following a succesful 2009/2010 all-svenskan campaign, the squad qualifies for elite series but is deceased for the 2011/2012 campaign.

Heimarena, the Tingvalla Stadium, constructed in 1967, is considered one of the biggest man-made refrigerated areas in Europe and is currently waiting for the municipality's final go-ahead to renovate the skating rink and turn it into an outdoor skating rink. Further, the Tingvalla Stadium will be the first of its kind in Europe. The Afghan people of Karlstad like the game and have formed an Afghan band squad headquartered in the town.

There are several teams and the highest ranked is QBIK. Established in 1978, the association joined the first section of women's soccer, Damallsvenskan, in 2005. At the moment the squad is playing in the 1. division (2. highest level),[6] but has several members in the Sweden squad. Their home venue is Tingvalla IP, and recently the complex also became the home venue for the Karlstad BK men's 1 Norra (third highest level) soccer squad after a 2010 winning year.

Carlstad United is the third highest soccer group. In 1998, the association was formed by an association of seven regional teams with the goal of supplying Karlstad with an élite sports field squad. In 1999 the Swedish Soccer Federation (SvFF) recognised the club[8] and it currently plays in men's division 2 Norra Götaland (4th highest level).

Karlstad FBK plays in Division 3 Västra Svealand. Tingvalla IP also plays the game of soccer. Carlstad Crusaders are playing in the superseries, the highest levels, and since the inception of the clubs in 1990, the Carlstad Crusaders have participated in eight final games and won their first championships in 2010. Karlsstad is also known for its track and field events.

IF Göta has a number of internationals and organizes the Götagalan Track and Field Meeting. OK Tyr, one of Sweden's biggest orientation running teams, is another famous Karlstad team. Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long asphalt former railroad line leading from Karlstad to Hagfors, is one of the publicly accessible sporting complexes in Karlstad.

There are many footpaths for lumber mill running, some of which are illuminated, on the edge of town. The Karlstad has a moist continent weather (Dfb) with the influences of the Vänern water and the Atlantic tributary. Vikivoyage has a guidebook for Karlstad.

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