The most entertaining person there is! Karl Liebknecht Street, also affectionately called "Karli", is a long stretch from Zentrum-Süd to Connewitz and runs to the right....

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That Karli

Karl Liebknecht Street, lovingly called "Karli", is a long way that begins in central south, ends in Connewitz and leads through the so-called southern suburb. Situated in front of the Karli, the roads are very much loved neighbourhoods and there are many quaint stores, cafés and so on. Tram lines 10 and 11 run very frequently up and down the Karli.

Along Karli there are three storylines. On the one hand, at the northern end from the Hohe-Straße stop to the Südplatz stop, there is the largest concentrations of pubs and nightclubs, among them the renowned favorites Flower Power, Volkshaus, KilliWilly's Ireland Pub, Na To, and the undervalued HafenBar (beer garden).

It also has many cafés and restuarants. Cafe Pushkin, Saffron (Indian) and Kneipencafe Orange (for desserts) are some of our favorites. Continue southwards in the direction of Connewitz until you reach the large junction Kurt-Eisner-Straße. Noel' s Ballroom is situated directly at Karli am Kurt-Eisner. You will find a lot of interesting things along the 500 meter long Karli between the crossroads Kurt-Eisner-Straße and Richard-Lehmann-Straße (both the name of two comfortable tramway stations by the way).

It is a little less demanding (and cheaper) and more geared towards cafés and restuarants than pubs and nights. At the end of Karli at the Connewitz-Kreuz stop, you will eventually see the charm of Connewitz. Directly next to the tramway stop is a nice café (Cafe Suedbrause) and behind it the fashionable Werk 2.

The UT Connewitz movie, musical and theater centre is also close by, and a little further down Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße there are several pubs and canteens. The things here are a little more nervous and young than in the yuppie community, which lies further back at Karli.

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