Karen state Myanmar

Kyaren State of Myanmar

WHAT ERE TO VIESIT The Kayin State is an Myanmar administration unit and also known as Karen State. Karen in Myanmar are Christians, Buddhists and animists. The majority of Christian Karens are Baptists. Its boundaries are shared with Mandalay and Shan State to the south, Kayah and Thailand to the south, Mon State and Bago to the south.

Along with Sagaw Kayins, Po Kayins, Bwe Kayins and Pako Kayins, Shans, Paos, Myanmarns and Moons also inhabit Kayin State, which includes seven townships and 410 Wards and Village tracts. Now the Thanlwin Bridge over the powerful Thanlwin stream was built and the access for the state was improved. The Mount Zwegabin is the emblem of the Kayin State.

In the Karen State of Myanmar

For the first timeframe in centuries, the state can now think about the possibilities of freedom, largely concealed from the outside word. Concealed from the outside worlds and shared by battles, the haze was unveiled on the Karen state of Myanmar. For more than six centuries, the reform initiated by the quasi-civilian regime - with cease-fires with almost all military groups - has been delivering the pledge of evolution for a conflict-ridden state.

Mae Sot and Myawaddy, Thai frontier towns in Myanmar, have been declared part of a SEZ. Hpa-An, the capitol of the state of Karen, was converted into an industry park in 2012. At the end of August last year, a number of frontier controls were carried out and travelling limitations on landing for foreign nationals were abolished.

Recently, the Karen National Union hosted the country's best-known ethnically based gun groups at its head office in the municipality of Hlaingbwe. A large part of the state is still strongly militarised and taboo for migrants. The Karen troops fight during a naked ankle punching contest. During the Karen New Year a kid is struck by a sandstorm.

During the Karen New Year, dance professionals are preparing to appear. In 2012, the Karen National Union agreed a cease-fire with the administration, ending more than six dozen consecutive decennia of war. The men are watching a punching contest in the Karen State capitol, Hpa-An. Former Karen National Liberation Army military man wounded by a landmine is preparing for a showers at Care Villa in Mae La shelter.

More than 120,000 Myanmar fugitives, mainly Karen, have been living in nine refugee camp along the Thai frontier since the early 1980s. After the 2015 election, most of the inhabitants are expected to be relocated back to Myanmar or other states. Stop a lorry on the north road to Hpa-An.

On the outskirts of the city centre of Hpa-An there is a small family. Employees are operating a human-powered ferris wheel during Karen State Day in Hpa-An. Hpa-An's northerly road is so tight that the road changes every single second. Work is currently underway on a new motorway to create new business areas between Thailand and Myanmar.

The Hpa-An is prepared for many changes after it was declared an industry park in 2012.

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