Karelian Bobtail

The Karelian Bobtail

Karelian Bobtail is a rare, beautiful and unique cat breed. Karelian Bobtail cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and care variety Karelian Bobtail is characterized by its photos, description. The Karelian Bobtail is a (natural) breed that (naturally) comes from the Karelian region, more precisely the islands of Lake Ladoga. Karelian Bobtail is a rare, beautiful and unique cat breed. Breed: Karelian Bobtail Shorthair.

The Karelian Bobtail

Karelian Bobtail is a seldom, nice and singular cat race from the Republic of Karelia, which lies between Finland and Russia. It' also a natural brood that should not be mistaken for the Kurilian Bobtail. Considering that the Baobbedtail gene is an inherited transgenic one, both parent of a Karelian Bobtail kittens' offspring must have a boobbedtail tail in order for the kitten to have the same trait at birth.

Karelian Bobtails are a seldom, nice and singular cat race. The Karelian, like other bobsleigh races, is a really great dog for families. They are very kind and they love the companionship of humans and other domestic animals, even other mice. The Karelian kittens are also flexible and calm, and these kittens are even known for their inquisitiveness.

Karelian Bobtail has a moderately large structure that is not stretched or squat. Also, its limbs are moderately large, although they are quite firm, and the hindlegs are longer than the forelegs. A Karelian bobtail's tale is curved, contorted and buckled, and it is usually between 4 and 13 cm long, i.e. quite brief.

Each of these cats has a distinctive cock, similar to a finger print. The coat on the tails is also longer than the coat on the remaining part of the cat's limbs, making it look like a pompom, which makes this kitten adorable. It also has erect, large eyes that sit high on the top of the ear, and the tops of the eyes are slightly curved.

The pointed patterns are also not recognised in this race. Karelian Bobtail is a race that does not need too much care. By nature, the coat is shining and pretty and shiny and should always be silky. Shorthaired females cope well with casual brushes, while long-haired females should be more frequently groomed, especially if they repel more than most.

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