Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, is one of the best trekking destinations in Central Asia, with its delicious cuisine and rich history! sspan class="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] Kyrgyzstan's Karakol (????

???) is a small town situated on the eastern shore of Lake Issyk Kul. A real jewel in the coarse, Karakol is just waiting for a jeweller to refurbish it. There is great promise as a prospective tourist resort that offers year-round hiking, mountain climbing, downhill and mountain biking and relaxation in warm waters in picturesque surroundings with picturesque houses.

Situated at the other end of Issyk-Kul, embedded in the Tian Shan mountain range, it is the main town of the Issyk-Kul region (province). Initially established by Tsarist Russia as a strategic base, the town is the burial place of Nikolai Przewalski (Przhevalskiy), the famous Polish-Russian discoverer and natural scientist.

It' a small town with traditionally built rustic homes, nestling between the Tian Shan hills and Lake Issyk Kul. The Karakol was initially a Soviet colony, and it is still one of the few large surviving large Muslim settlements in Central Asia. Bishkek is served by bus/Marshrutka and taxis from the Bishkek Western Railway Terminal. 5-6 hours time.

Tamchy is approximately 222½-3hrs away from Issyk Kul International Park Tamchy Tamchy is approximately 2222½-3hrs away from Issyk Kul International Park Tamchy International Park and local taxi services can be organized. The Karakol Karakol International Airports has an international hub which is mainly used for charters and is situated on the north outskirts of the town. Avia Traffic in December 2012 announces that it will operate services from Bishkek to Karakol, which have not been operated since early 2013.

Every winters mornings, busses gather on the major roads Toktogul/Lenin near the 150 SOM quick lunch in Turkey. The Holy Trinity Basilica This traditionally built timber church with cupola was recently extensively restored in Russia and financed by the regional slavonic population. Historical Karakol Musuem This Karakol Historical Karakol Musuem houses many archaeological finds from the time of the Scythians and many padded animal carcasses from the mountain.

Located a few kilometres outside the town, the Imperial Przewalski Gallery and Memorial is home to the biography of one of the world's greatest discoverers, who passed away in Karakol in 1888. It' a real testimony of the Soviet colonisation of Central Asia. "Animals Bazaar" 42nd position on our G.P.S.. D-3783490 (Start of the zoo and return and pick-up for #102 marshrutka) Sundays pet fair....

The Karakol Skibase [10] At 3040 metres, this is the highest skiing area in Central Asia. Situated about 30 min from Karakol, it has 2 cabins and a guesthouse with saunas. Ak-Suuu Hot Spring Hot Springs 15 km from Karakol. Easily accessible by minibus no. 350 from the Basar or on the way to Karasaeva Road for less than $0.5.

Oldyn Arashan Hotsprings Hotsprings Hotsprings Hotsprings near Karakol. Get Marshalutka #350 @30som from 42 High. Oldyn Arashan is a warm complex of vernal times and not a town. At 2600m altitude Atlyn Arashan is very variable wheather, from the Ak Cyy Sanatorium, where you are brought to the thermal sources, it is about 14km.

Arashan (2600m) you can walk up to the Ala Kaul mountain passport (3880m) and down to the sea (3500m), the last part is VERY steep...it is a VERY long daily tour...think of 10 hours...extremely sunny...this walk is NOT really possible until July...too much snows.

There is no entry to the Arashan from the side of Arashan, but you can see the Superintendent on the way and give him a voucher. The Jeti Oguz Hot Springs An ageing medical sanitarium in Russia with radon treatments. The Karakol River The Karakol River provides great walking opportunities. It is possible to walk from this part of the island to the wonderful Ala Kul Sea.

The One Village, One JICA Products Store is located on the Hauptstraße next to the caravan. There' s an antiques boutique on the high road (south) towards the basar and a Honigkooperative on the other side of the road. You can buy locally produced honeys at the basar or at the beekeepers' co-operative.

Carakol is known throughout Kyrgyzstan for its dungan speciality Ashlian-fu. Best place to dine is in the shedlike structure opposite the KICB bench and the small basar or inside the large one. Collective taxi services operate all days from outside the central railway terminal. The price for Bishkek is 500-600 Euros, the journey lasts 4-5 hrs (and always lasts for a quick bite outside Balykchi).

The Marshrutkas (collective buses) to Bishkek are 350c (som). Departure from the right side of the highway) from 07:30. Select whether you want to go south (the train is east-south away from the centre) or north (from the bazaar) of the lakes. Take a 25 seat Somm buss from the Basar to the city of Jeti Oghuz.

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