Kanthaya Beach

Canthaya Beach

Canthaya is especially emphasized on Myanmar trips for those who like to get a little tanned and have exciting moments on the beach. Canthaya Beach The name Pleasant Beach is one of Myanmar's most peaceful destinations, according to Golden Pagoda Travel, a travel agent in Myanmar. It is a beach of natural beauty with very little opportunity for accommodation and further education. According to CNN, the main draw is the shortage of the beach activities and stores.

They can' t even reserve a room in the beach, but it shouldn't be hard to find a room in this little-known place - in the near -by town, as the only beach resort is inactive. They can hike along the 4.5 km long beach with its gold sands, scale small hilltops and look out for birdlife, or even ask native fisherman, who are easy and sincere, to one of the small offshore islets.

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