Kang Yu Ya Qa

Inuktitut: ?????

?? (Kangiqsujuaq) is a northern village (Inuit community) in Nunavik, North du Quebec, Quebec, Canada. for undertaking Kangiqsujuaq: community in Nunavik, Arctic north of Quebec, Canada. Hotel De La Coopérative De Kangiqsujuaq. The word Kangiqsujuaq means "the big bay" in the Inuktitut.

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Inuktitut: Inuktitut: www. kangiqsujuaq is a northerly settlement (Inuit community) in Nunavik, Nord-du-Québec, Quebec, Canada. By the 2016 Canada census, it had 750 inhabitants. Wakeham is also known as Wakeham bay. In the Inuktitut[5] the name "Kangiqsujuaq" means "the big bay". There is a small airport at Kangiqsujuaq.

Like the other Kativik regional towns, the Kativik Regional Patrol offers policing service in Kangiqsujuaq[7]. Weather Permits, a documentation about living in Kangiqsujuaq.

Kangiqsujuaq community in Nunavik, North Arctic Quebec

Located in an extraordinary location, 10 km from Hudson Road, on the southeast bank of Wakeham Bay, Mount Hudson is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Particularly important is the technique of the Inuit, who pick shellfish in wintry conditions. By 1884, members of the Canadian Hudson's Bay Expedition aboard the Neptune steamboat were arriving in the area intent on establishing a trade lane to Europe through the Hudson Strait.

In Stupart Bay (known by the Inuit as Aniuvarjuaq) an icy observatory and weather base was constructed. The Inuit often began to deal with watchers stationed at the station: sealskin gloves and snuff and gunpowder boot. The name Wakeham Bay comes from Captain William Wakeham, who led an 1897 cruise to see if Hudson Road was secure for nav.

By 1961, the province changed the name of the village to Sainte-Anne-de-Maricourt until it took over its inuktitut name Kangirsujuaq again with the foundation of a town. Révillon Frères, a France-based firm, founded a branch in Kangiqsujuaq in 1910. HBC founded an experiment chestnut ranch in 1928 and ran it for 12 years.

The Révillon Frères commercial branch was shut down in 1936, but a Roman-Catholic mission was born. A number of wafer pastors have been living in the ministry, including Father Dion since 1964. 1960 the first nursery was opened, the following year a care ward followed. In 1963 an English Orthodox denomination was founded.

In 1970 Kangirsujujuammiut founded her cooperative business. It is situated just off the Cape Smith Belts, a mineralized area. Pengualuit: access from Kangirsujuaq. Also remains of semi-subterranean buildings constructed by Inuit from the Thule era 800 years ago.

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