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Yangon Myanmar Kandawgyi Palace Hotel

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel was a five-star hotel and a historic landmark overlooking Lake Kandawgyi in Yangon, Myanmar. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel locations, prices, amenities: Expert Yangon Research, hotel and travel index only. The building preserves the traditions of Myanmar architecture using local golden teak wood. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Hotel see reviews, photos and view on the map. Can Yeik Tha Road, Mingalar Nyunt Township, Yangon / Myanmar mapView Map.

Inquiries are investigating the cause of the fire at Kandawgyi Palace Hotel

Government agencies and hotel proprietors are still not sure what caused the huge fire that murdered two overseas visitors and ruined most of the luxurious Kandawgyi Palace Hotel. Arson detectives are putting together proofs to diagnose the cause of the fire before dusk that devastated the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel icon in the UK capitol Yangon and murdered two tourist, officers said last night.

First investigations showed that the fire on the fifth storey of the hotel erupted in the early morning hour of the same day, where guests' and conference rooms were situated, but the cause was unclear. "When the fire burst, we notified the fire department and followed the officers' instructions," said Raymond J. Bragg, CEO of Htoo Hospitality, who runs the hotel.

When the fire broke out, a lady who was near the hotel said she could hear a noisy blast before the fumes came out of the hotel house. "You could see massive fumes from the edifice. Then a big fire devoured the place. It' s so big that I think there were a lot of flammable things in the building," she said.

"I saw the hotel diners in nightclothes on the street. And the hotel personnel took the gastanks outside together with the firemen. He denied that the hotel was lacking the appropriate fire safety system one would expect from a luxurious hotel. "He said this hotel has all the fire prevention equipment and all the equipment is working well.

More than 500 firemen and 60 fire engines from Yangon and the surrounding states and areas tried to rescue the spacious hotel made of old fashioned rock and gold tea wood from the four-hour fire that began between 3:00 and 3:30 am. City hotel-keepers and cops said two and a half men have dead from the disaster, but they have yet to make any public acknowledgment.

A policeman from the community of Mingalar Taung Nyunt said a corpse was found on the fifth storey where the fire broke out. One of the other passengers, a Macau girl, was injured when she leapt from the fourth storey of the hotel. However, when we couldn't check, we notified the hotel manager and guests," said U Htay Lwin of the Htoo Group.

There were 141 domestic and international visitors in 96 rooms when the fire started. The locals complained about the demolition of the hotel at Kandawgyi-See, a favourite cottage for urban inhabitants and visitors looking for a little peace and tranquility before the hustle and bustle surrounding the town.

"We' ve just dropped a bit of our history," said a native who was among a dozen men who milled around the eviscerated hotel. According to Bragg, hotel visitors have been moved to the Chatrium Hotel and Hotel Rose Garden near by, and the INS has set up a dedicated helpdesk to help them secure new trip papers in case they have been left behind in the fire.

The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel began as the British Rangoon Rowing Club complex. The town was handed over to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in 1979 and converted into a hotel. The hotel was modernized in 1993 under the Tatmadaw administration in collaboration with Thailand's Baiyoke Group of Hotels.

Further constructions were constructed, but the hotel owner made sure that also these new constructions were mainly made of tea tree with antique constructions combining architecture from Myanmar and Thai cultur. The hotel was purchased by U Tay Za's Htoo Group in 2010 for US$ 29 million (60 billion K39).

It' currently in the possession of the Htoo Group, which has a lot of properties in the area. The hotel's position makes it very appealing and appreciated by visitors. Kandawgyi (Royal Lake), the primary spring of the Yangon spring supplies it. It' a favourite destination for Myanmar residents and visitors equally.

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