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Yangon Kandawgyi Hotel

The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel meeting room information, meeting facilities and amenities. Locate hotels near Kandawgyi Lake, Myanmar online. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon, Yangon and Around, Myanmar is shown on Google Map together with other Experience Travel Hotels. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon is used because of its fantastic location and architecture, which begin and end this adventure in style. The Kandawgyi Hotel and Tourism School, Yangon.


Situated in the centre of Yangon, this comfortable hotel has 18 rooms and has an open-air bath, an in-door bath and a course for playing football. Since 1996, Kandawgyi Palace has been welcoming its visitors in its stylish rooms. Situated in a historical area of Yangon, only 15 minutes walking distance from Shwedagon Pagoda and about 700 metres from Kandawgyi Park.

Only 20 minutes walk from Yangon town centre. It offers easy entry to a large park and a luxuriant backyard. Kandawgyi Palace accommodates in rooms with free Wi-Fi, minibar, air conditioning, safety deposit box the scale of a laptops and fridge. The Kandawgyi Palace has some rooms overlooking the beautiful lakes.

Mediterranian meals are offered in the outside dining room. In the Signature Restuarant and in May, Thai food is available at a 10-minute walking pace from the city. The Kandawgyi Palace is in the immediate vicinity of Yangon Central Railway Yangon. It is 15 km from Mingaladon International Airports.

There is a gymnasium and a gymnasium to keep our energetic customers up.

The fire at Kandawgyi Palace Hotel must be a wake-up call.

FIRE at Kandawgyi Palace Hotel on October 19 is above all a humanitarian one. Yes, the disappearance of such an iconical hotel is a sorry date for Yangon. Kandawgyi Palace has personality and atmosphere, in contrast to so many of the recent hotel developments throughout the town.

However, a building can be substituted, but not humans. And we also honor the firemen who fought for long periods to put out the fire, and the workers of the Kandawgyi Palace who put their own life at risk to lead visitors out of their rooms before the fire arose. Inquiries were made about the appropriateness of the fire protection precautions in the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, as well as an obvious hesitation in providing information to the fire brigade.

Hotel managers insist that both work. Those are issues for the public administrations; what is important now is a clear and unbiased inquiry. When the hotel managment turns out to be careless, the old policy of blaming a low-level executive should not be accepted.

There must be genuine questioning about who is responsible. Simultaneously, the reflective reaction of the public administration - to put the finger on someone - must also be kept in the past. You have to admit that sometimes in the case of an incident nobody is to blame. What do you mean?

However, this disaster should act as a wake-up call - not only for the hotel owner and operator, but for all kinds of industrial and housing developments and for the fire safety agencies. For example, the Yangon City Development Committee ensures that all structures are fitted with fire-conductors.

However, after completion of the building work, very little care is taken to ensure that these fire ladders are correctly serviced for their initial use. For many, local people or administrative agencies, they are seen as a simple add-on to warehousing and/or added risks to public health. However, there is only so much the government can do to control the fire protection of smaller structures, such as walk-up flats.

Occupants and property managers must take charge of preparing their own facilities for an emergencies. There' is a lot to do: install fire alarm systems, keep escape routes clear, use serious electrical personnel, make keys available for safety locks and replace defective equipment, to name but a few examples.

The best way to pay homage to the sacrifices after a catastrophe or a man-made one is to make sure that the catastrophe does not happen again needlessly. The first edition of this edition was released by Frontier on 26 October.

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