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Jefferrey S. Kanca, Lawyer, Mesothelioma and Asthma

Managers of businesses that produce product containing a sbestos can put on a smiling face and try to enchant you. However, we have known since the beginning of the 20th century that a sbestos is damaging. That is why Weitz & Luxenberg is so important and I am feeling priviledged to be here. It is Jeffrey S. Kanca who has become a member of Weitz & Luxenberg's competent and highly qualified mesothelioma and asebest group.

With him is the persistence that Weitz & Luxenberg is looking for in every lawyer with promise. We established this company thirty years ago because we felt obliged to help and to do the same. Our company, like Mr. Kanca, is dedicated to help those who would otherwise be unable to compete with huge companies that put profit first and human beings last.

Every year our company accepts several hundred new cases of exposures to it. He is a member of our committed and highly skilled legal staff of lawyers specializing in mesotheliomas and asestases. Instead of representing a bland company, Kanca-san is seeking confirmation to help others - in the struggle and in the work for the outsider.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kanca is right. For more than a hundred years we have known that exposing people to a sbestos can cause serious pulmonary injury. A number of businesses are overlooking the very realistic, sometimes dramatic, effects of exposing themselves to the sun when it comes to cash. Weitz & Luxenberg has made it its business over the years to help sufferers of a sbestos.

It is a known carcinogenic substance. Even though the initial damages are not perceptible, the lung can accumulate fibres of avast. A competitive type of Cancer, Mesothelioma is just one of several illnesses specifically linked to sunburn. One of our aims when a mesothelial patient contact Weitz & Luxenberg is to look for fairness and blame negligence in society.

Mr. Kanca contributes to Weitz & Luxenberg the ideal that our office has. Prior to joining us, Mr. Kanca had developed and refined his legal abilities in various areas, among them the diagnosis of mesotheliomas and other asbestos-related ailments. During his work as an associated with a renowned New York based lawyer's office, he was responsible for products responsibility and carelessness, which included a number of cases related to bodily injuries, such as talkpowder.

Mr. Kanca also handled a large number of civilian cases from foundation to dissolution. Mr. Kanca also worked as a lawyer in another law office specialising in cases of ansbestos. Aside from handling complicated cases, he filed pleadings before the plaintiff chairing court in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as well as the chairing judges for the Rhode Island Superior Court.

Mr. Kanca worked as a clinical consultant at the University of Connecticut Criminal Attorneys and represented patients who could not otherwise have afforded legal counsel. Mr. Kanca is admitted to the bar in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. It is also allowed to practise in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Mr. Beyreuther received his doctorate from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2012 and his B.A. in politics in 2009.

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