" Kanbe is a warrior outside of time and place. Kuroda Kanbe | Capcom database Canbee Kuroda (sometimes also called Kanbee Kuroda) is a Kanbee BASARA characters. It was first published in Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes. Kanbes clothes are darker and darker colours than the remainder of the band, using less flashy and vivid colours. Kanba has raw, scruffy dark coat that he carries in a ponytail while his bangs hide his sight all the while.

Karouroda was a minion of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Hideyoshi was murdered because of the insurrection of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Mitsunari Ishida (another general under Hideyoshi's command) took it upon himself to persecute and lock Kanbe up for his sentiments. Kanbe, known as a top strategicist, had a great intellect, but was also accursed with terrible misfortune.

Seeming to nurture his dreams, he was resolved to fulfill them, so Kanbe escaped from his prison and tried to make his dreams come true. 2. But Yoshitsugu Otani and Motonari Mori immediately found out his motifs, and he is either compelled to act as a Western army minion among them, or he would be arrested again.

When he fights for them, Kanbe throws a tantrum and attack Motonari to become a free man, but since Motonari is the more cunning of the two, he declares that Kanbe cannot be free until he releases himself from his bonds and tells him that Yoshitsugu is holding the keys to his being.

Using this newly discovered know-how, Kanbe hurries into combat between the Western and Eastern armies in Sekigahara to retrieve the keys of Yoshitsugu, but ends up in the hot air of combat, beating everyone, including Yoshitsugu, Tadakatsu Honda, Ieyasu and Mitsunari.

Kanbe's gun is a large metal bullet handcuffed to his cuffs, and although his hand is limited, Kanbe is able to carry out devastating burlesque assaults in about the same way as Cody Travers of Final Fight and Street Fighter Glory. A steel bullet - Kanbes base gun. Grounden Balls - 5% likelihood of additional attacking harm from the breeze.

ion bronball - basic fill faster than usual. Callfian Kick - shoots the football while it flies forward. Dropping Kick - bounces up and kick the football directly ahead. It was Yoshitaka Kuroda (????), whose other name was Kanbee Kuroda (also Kanbei, ?????), who was a kanbee kuroda was a kanbee kuroda of the early Edo period.

In 1567, the same year that he took part in the siege of Inabayama Castle, when Nobunaga Oda beat the Mino Provincial Clans in the name of Fribourg, Yoshitaka was named head of the Mino people. Some years later, when Hideyoshi Toyotomi led the Oda Clan's advancement into the Chugoku area, he promised Oda Ioyalty.

Yoshitaka and Hanbei Takenaka helped as Hideyoshi's strategist and helped in the anti-family' sect M?ri. Just before 1587 Yoshitaka was ordered by Hideyoshi to launch an assault on Kyushu. Yoshitaka was christened ??????? (Don Simeon) after seeing the flourishing Kyushu and Ukon's people.

When Hideyoshi dismissed his famed decree that drove out overseas ministers and ordered all samurais under his reign to give up their beliefs, Yoshitaka gave up his new worship and adopted the custom of a friar who called himself Josui (??). During the Battle of Sekigahara, Yoshitaka attempted to capture the area Ky?sh?

Yoshitaka passed away in 1604 after his Nagamasa Kuroda became his successor. In Samurai Heroes his name is "Kanbe Kuroda". One of Kanbe's quotations says that he used a saber as a gun before his handcuffs were tied. Yoshiaki Mogami owns Starlight Starbright, the falcon who takes the keys to free him from the shackles of Kanbe.

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