Forecast for Kanbe, Yangon (Myanmar). This forecast shows the local time for Kanbe. This is a town in Yangon, Myanmar. Kanbe information (Hakata/Local / Regional Cuisine). The GURINAVI offers all the information you need, including a detailed menu, map and coupons for Kanbe.

Misyuki Kanbe (1984)

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Royal Steam Trader

On May 9, 1943, at 00:55, the unaccompanied Kanbe (Master John Frederick Thomas Burke), a laggard of the TS-38 convoys, was struck forward by two U-123 missile and sunk within two Minuten about 60 nautical mile to the SW of Monrovia. U-105 (Nissen), who had also hunted the vessel, witnessed the extinction.

and two cannoneers were missing. About 15 hrs after the shipwreck, five members of the Indians were collected by the Spaniard steamer Rio Francoli and ended up in Santa Isabel, Fernando Po. OnboardWe have 66 persons on the boat. We' ve wrecked the boat.

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