This is Kananga, a city in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo, east of the Lulua River, a tributary of the Kasai. Geschichte[edit]>> It is located near the Lulua River, a creek of the Kasai River and the Ilebo-Lubumbashi Railroad....

. As an important trade and administration center, it houses a local history and the Kananga Airport. Ger-man discoverer Hermann Wissmann built a stop in the area around today's Kananga, on the Lulua's right shore.

Weissmann called the Malandji railroad terminal, a name proposed by his 400 forwarding agents from the Malanje municipality in Angola. Later, with the building of the railroad on the other side of the stream, the railroad line was relocated and the Lulua railroad gave the new name, Luluabourg.

In 1960, at the Round Table in Brussels, the name of the negotiation on the autonomy of the (then) Belgian Congo, it was decided that the new state would move its headquarters from Kinshasa to Kananga (then Luluabourg) due to its strategic position. Due to numerous backslides, in particular the attempts at secondession by Albert Kalonji and his South Casai, this was never made.

Luluabourg became the capitol of the new Kasai-Occidental region when the federal administration reclaimed South Kazai in 1962. In 1964 Kananga (as Luluabourg) was the scene of the first Congolese constitutional treaty for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Luluabourg became Kananga. Kananga takes its name from the Tshiluba term kangayi, which means "a place of freedom or love", since what today lies in the centre of Kananga was a meeting place for pre-colonial chieftains to debate contracts and resolve disagreements.

According to the 2006 Constitutional Treaty, the DRC was split into 25 districts and a central government administration (Kinshasa). Cananga became the provincial capitol of Lulua. Kananga is known local as Kananga-Malandji, or even Kananga-Malandji wa Nshinga. Nshinga, or cable, represents the large high tension cable of the Inga-Shaba-Project, which traverse the sky of Kananga and connect Kolwezi and the province Lualaba with the Inga-Damm in Bas-Congo.

"RD Congo Villas - Kananga" (in French).

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