Kan Thar Yar

Can Thar Yar

The Kan Thar Yar Hotel in Loikaw has a terrace and a common lounge. Kan Thar Yar Hotel has free WiFi throughout the property and offers accommodation in Loikaw. Hotel Kan Thar Yar, Loikaw - Update for 2018

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What is the best way to get there?

Myanmar's long Indian Ocean coast, which stretches from about 29 to the N, offers many beautiful sandy spots nestled along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Its long shoreline of 1,385 or about 2,000 kilometers leads through about 20 degrees of latitude from the tropics to colder climate zones.

The largest part of the coastline faces westward and offers breathtaking vistas at sundown. Kanthayar or Pleasant Resort is one of the youngest seaside towns designed for locals and locals. Situated in the state of Rakkhine (Arakan), about 16 leagues due to the small city of Gwa.

Kanthayar, like its more prominent neighbour Ngapali 65 leagues further North was developed with the help and proactive cooperation of the Tatmadaw, the Myanmar armed forces. At the end of the 1950s, during the period of the interim government, Ngapali was converted from a peaceful fishermen's town into a favourite seaside town.

Kantayar was "found" on the instigation of the commander of the Western Command, whose headquarters are located in Sittwe (Akyab) further on the same coastline to the south. The Kanthayar Beachesort was opened by Lt-Gen on March 24, 1995. Strandresort was opened three nights in advance as one of the most important commemorative occasions of the Golden Jubilee.

You can reach Kanthayar by the most comfortable way is by vehicle from Yangon. From Yangon via the new Bayinnaung Bridge in West Yangon to the new village of Thayar, it is only an hours ride to Nyaungdon, where you have to take the Ayeyawady River by auto-crossing, which takes about 45min.

On the Ayeyawady, the Bo Myat Tun bridge linking Nyaungdon and Setkaw, the third is currently being constructed and finished in late 1998 to shorten the journey and facilitate visits to the cities of the Ayeyawady Delta and the Rakkhine Coast, where Kanthaya is in.

Coming from Setkaw on the western shore of the Ayeyawady riverbank, the route leads through the thriving delta cities of Pantanaw, the birth place of the deceased UN Secretary General U Thant, Kyaung-gon and Ye Kyi, and across the Nga Wun or Pathein (Bassein) riverbank at Nga- Thai Gyaung. Shortly after abandoning Nga-thaing Gyaung, the highway rises over the south end of the Rakkhine Yoma crest for about 47 nautical mile until it leads to the seaside city and Gwa Fishery Center in the state of Rakkhine.

Coming from Gwa, the highway leads along the beautiful coastline between the ocean and the crest of a hill, about half an hours to the north, until Kanthayar is arrived. All in all it is about 125 kilometres from Yangon to Kanthayar, and the highway is quite good, as it is extended every year.

Unless you have to await the boat, the journey on the street takes only about six hour; the street leads through paddy paddies, fruit gardens and exotic forest of trees and through tranquil, welcoming towns. If you are looking for adventure, there is an alternate way to Kanthayar, which is combined with a trip to the famous bathing town of Ngapali.

You can fly by plane from Yangon to Thandwe or Sandoway in about half an hours and rent a vehicle from there to get to Kanthayar, a three-hour cruise along the entire coastline.

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