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Camloops is a city located in south-central British Columbia in Canada at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River near Kamloops Lake. Camloops is a city for every season. Kamloops Broncos were only a few minutes away from a historic upheaval in Kelowna on the weekend.

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Camloops () is a town in the south-central British Columbia in Canada at the junction of the two twigs of the Thompson River near Kamloops Lake. Camloops is the tournament capital of Canada and organises over 100 competitions each year in world-class sporting venues such as the Tournament Capital Centre, Kamloops Bike Ranch and Tournament Capital Ranch.

Camloops was the first British Columbian town to become a beehive in 2016 [8] as a number of local organizations are working hard to preserve and build bumblebee living spaces in the town. Camloops is located in the Thompson Valley and the Montane Cordillera Ecozone. Situated in the heart of the town, near the junction of the northern and southern arms of the Thompson River.

More than a tens of kilometers of suburbs extend along the northern and southern arms, as well as the precipitous slopes along the southern part of the town and the lower northeastern slopes. In 1904 Robert W. Service described Kamloops as his wonderful lifetime and wrote: "Life was enjoyable and work was easy.

" Kamloop's foothills begin north-east of the center, but are not within the area. Resulting from this placing, it is necessary to cross the Kamloops boundaries and cross the tape area before re-entering the boundaries to gain entry to the Rayleigh and Heffley Creek area.

Camloops is encircled by the smaller municipalities of Cherry Creek, Pritchard, Savona, Scotch Creek, Adams Lake, Chase, Paul Lake, Pinantan and many others. In the same year, the competing North West Company founded another office - Fort Shuswap - near by. In 1813 the two companies were brought together when North West Company officers in the area purchased Pacific Fur Company companies.

Following the enforced amalgamation of the Northern West Company with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1821, the postal service became generally known as Thompson's River Mail or Fort Thompson, which over the years became known as Fort Kamloops. Throughout Kamloops was an important landmark on the Hudson's Bay Brigade Trail, which linked Fort Astoria with Fort Alexandria and the other New Caledonia fort in the northern part (today's Omineca Country, approximately), and which remained heavily used as the major link to the new gold fields around Barkerville with the advent of the Cariboo Gold Rush.

However, the 1860' goldrush and the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883, which came from the west to Kamloops[14], led to further expansion, so that in 1893 the City of Kamloops with about 500 inhabitants was founded. Indo-Canadians were introduced to the Kamloops area by the wood processing industries of the 1970' s, mainly from the Indian Punjab area.

Kamloops Barnhartvale and other neighbouring municipalities joined in 1973. Kamloops is a diversified sector that encompasses health care, travel, training, transportation and the exploitation of resources. Kamloops industrial sectors included the conversion of raw materials such as Domtar Kamloops Pulp Mill, Tolko-Heffley Creek Plywood and Veneer, Highland Valley Copper Mine (in Logan Lake).

In 2017 Kamloops greeted 1. 8 million visitor, an increased of 9% compared to 2015 (1. 64 million). Kamloops' singular and socially, culture and ecological ressources are important tourist destinations. Camloops has over 50 accommodations [22], from large hotel to B&B. Some of the favourite tourist spots are: The Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run ; Kamloops Bike Ranch ; BC Wildlife Park ; Kamloops Heritage Railway ; Kamloops Wine Trail ; Secwepemc Museum und Treetop Flyers.

Three microbreweries have opened in Kamloops since 2010, among them: Throughout the year Kamloops organizes a number of different activities, among them the following: Kamloops, Kamloops, Kamloops, Kamloops, Kamloops: The Kamloops Wine Festival: This year' s event is a fundraising event for the Kamloops Art Gallery. Camloops Film Festival: Since 1997, this event has been growing to include 10 day celebrations of film at the Paramount Theatre in March.

Breakloops is a non-profit beers, groceries and bicycles event that promotes Kamloops throughout the year with the Shore and Downtown blocks. The Kamloops International Festival Buskers: This 4-day event is held at Riverside Park and presents professionals from all over the world. Hotshot Nite in the City Show 'n' Shine:

Kamloop's Rotary Ribfest: Until 2018, Kamloops Rotary had collected over $500,000 for community service organizations. Sports Chek Kamloops Marathon: Kamloop's Comedy Fest: Canada's veteran veterans take over the microphone for a October week-end during the Kamloops Comedy Fest. Kamloops has 100 pristine fresh water lagoons within an hour's car ride and some of the best fresh water fisheries in North America.

Camloops is known for its elite fishermen like Brian Chan, Jordan Oelrich, Brennan Lund. Kamloops angling leaders are among others: Kamloops' vast road system and desert-like weather provide excellent opportunities for year-round cycling through the town. Kamloops Bike Ranch, Pineview Valley, Lac du Bois Grasslands and Kenna Cartwright Park are some of the most famous of these.

Twice winner of the cross-country mountains and Olympic bronze medallist in 2016, Catharine Pendrel currently resides and practices in Kamloops. 25 ] Kamloops is home to world-famous Mountainbiker much as Free Ride Pioneer and Mountainbike Hall of Fame unit Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie, (also a first Canadian National Team unit for Boarding Ski Tour and Giants Slalom), Richie Schley.

Freerider Matt Hunter and Graham Agassiz also reside in Kamloops. 26 ] Kamloops was shown in Greg Stump's first mountainside show, "Pulp Traction," and later in the first three "Kranked" movies with the originals Froriders, Tippie, Simmons, and Schley. The day-to-day track management was led by the Kamloops Bike Riders Association, the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre and Dirt Chix Kamloops.

The Kamloops are home to the Western Hockey League Kamloops Blazers, who are playing at the Sandman Centre. Kamloops Blazers graduates are Mark Recchi, Jarome Iginla, Darryl Sydor, Nolan Baumgartner, Shane Doan, Scott Niedermayer, Rudy Poeschek and Darcy Tucker (Recchi, Doan, Iginla and Sydor are now partners).

Among the tacrosse crews are the Kamloops Junior B Rattlers of the Thompson Okanagan Junior League and the Kamloops Stig. The Kamloops Broncos of the Canadian Junior Football League and the Kamloops Excel of the Pacific Coast Soccer League, both playing at Hillside Stadium, are also at home. Camloops was the host of the Canadian Summer Games 1993.

Kamloops hosts the U15 Basketball National Championship for Boy and Girl in the 2008 summers with its contemporary facilities, the Tournament Capital Centre. Camloops organized the 2011 Games in Western Canada. The Kamloops cultural heritage has evolved in recent years to include celebrating locals' talents, including: cooking, sport, living entertainments and visual arts.

Camloops is home to many art collections, among them the Kamloops Art Gallery,[36] Secwepemc Museum & Heritage Park, The Kamloops Museum & Archive, the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra,[37] and the Western Canada Theatre. Kamloops has 29 open-air mural paintings - the Back Alley Art Gallery - in the city centre, headed by the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association since the 2000s.

Some of the artist who have participated in this work are:: In 2007, Chefs in the City was founded as the "Festival of Cuisine, Good Food, Good Food and Kamloops and Regional Beer". Organized by the Rotary Club of Kamloops, this year' convention has collected over US$325,000 since 2007.

The Kamloops is developing into an award-winning winegrowing area with a great atmosphere. Kamloops has over 120 hectares under the grape. The Brewloops Beier Festival was founded in 2014 as a non-profit organisation that supports the Kamloops cultural life in the town year-round. The Brewloops celebration of BC Handwerk Bier, Musik und Unterhaltung will be joined by the broader Kamloops Fellowship, donating $27,000 to fellowship groups by 2018.

43 ] Among the acts that have appeared on the Brewloops are: Situated at the intersection of Coquihalla Highway, Yellowhead Highway and Trans-Canada Highway, Kamloops is a major traffic junction in the area. Vancouver is connected to Kamloops in the western part by the Canadian Pacific (CPR) and Canadian National (CNR) long-distance lines. These two railroads separate in the northern and eastern directions and link up with the remainder of Canada.

The Kamloops Nord train stop is serviced three weekly (in each direction) by Via Rail's Canada. Grayhound Canada previously linked Kamloops with Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, with the ministry being discontinued at the end of October 2018. Canada's main train runs through Northern Kamloops and then crosses this railroad across the Thompson River to Kamloops Indian Reserve and the major CN stations.

Kamloops has a semiarid climatic regime due to its shady position (Köppen climatic class BSk). Due to mild winter and drought, the area east of Kamloops in the lower Thompson River Valley is classified as a Köppen category climatic zone. Camloops gets brief chills, where the temperature can fall to around -20°C when the Arctic succeeds in crossing the Rockies and Columbia Mountains into the interior.

Though Kamloops is over 50° N, summer is warmter than in many places in lower parts of the world, with predominantly arid and bright sun. Situated in the rainy shade of the Coast Mountains, Kamloops is biogeographically linked to similar semi-desert areas in the Okanagan area and a much wider area encompassing the central/eastern parts of Washington, Oregon and Nevada, Utah and Idaho in the USA.

Kamloops and neighbouring municipalities have 73 Kamloops/Thompson school districts running government colleges. The Kamloops Christian School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School (Catholic) and St. Ann's Academy (Catholic) belong to the range of privately run schooling. Doompson Career College and Sprott Shaw College are privately owned post-secondary institutes with a campus in Kamloops. Here you will find a listing of persons who come from Kamloops or have been living there for a longer time.

The infamous "Kamloops Kid" Kanao Inouye, the first of the two Canadians ever sentenced for committing acts of terrorism. and one of the victims of the Chilcotin Wars. Nicola CEO, joint head of Nicolas and Kamloops Shuswap during the furs trading and golden age.

A pioneering colonist of Kamloops, a Caribbean island from the West Indies, India, acted as an India spy. Gaglardi, a.k.a. Flying Phil, former provincial minister for highways and mayor of the town. Former Kamloops Eldermann and Director of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, Nelson Riis, later Member of Parliament for Kamloops.

Punk rocking vocalist and Australian Music Hall of Famer song writer Chris Masuak, native of Kamloops, spent the 1960' living in Brocklehurst (North Kamloops). The Kamloops community electoral process takes place every four years, along with the remainder of the county. Kamloops is regarded above all as the leader who has cast his vote for the ruling faction in every county poll since the establishment of the political groups in the British-Colombian parliamentary system until 2017.

Kamloops, on the other hand, routinely cast its votes against the ruling faction until the 2006 Bundestag elections. Camloops is present in two province trips - Kamloops and Kamloops-North Thompson - and one national ride - Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo. Cementhead", a 1989 Booker TV show happening, is a title girl named Richard Grieco's play about a savage hoodie gamer (Stephen Shellen) returning to his home town of Kamloops.

"Battlestar Galactica's The Eye of Jupiter", the 11th installment of the third series, was shot in Kamloops in 2006. Kamloops Community Profile - Statistics Canada. City of Kamloops Bee City State. Kamloops. Fort Kamloops Journals, various writers (dealers), prime sources. Tales, histories and sagas of British Columbia, John Pearson, Undated S.K. Press Holdings, undated.

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Kamloops town. p. 3. Former Kamloop's Lord Mayor is dying at 93. USGS Martian Quadrangle Map MC-26 shows the KAMLOOPS craters, directly below the GALLE craters and at the east rim of ARGYRE Planitia. Climate information was collected in the town of Kamloops from January 1890 to December 1950 and at Kamloops Airport from January 1951 to the present day.

Wikivoyage has a guidebook for Kamloops.

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