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The point here is that I (Kalay) play Roblox. Verify Kalay T.V.'s real-time subscriber count, which is updated every second. Newspaper media network (simultaneous coverage with Yangon), TV and radio are established in the city.

alay Ngasan: our home (TV Movie 2016)

A Nanao Atayal from Yilan, Wu Ta primary school instructor Wilang was already a young child with oldest children when he went to the hills and learnt to weave mats. He' s got an old spirit enthusiastic about the Atayal people. Wilang started the "Finding our Root Project" at Wu Ta Primary School in 2014.

To find the place where their forefathers lived, he brought schoolchildren to old Wu Ta Village. In the old town, however, the buildings are limited to slates. Wilang's research into the initial designs of the Atayal homes gave him the idea of imagining Atayal homes.

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IoT Connectivity Kalay Platform

The Kalay Connect is a powerful application that can turn any port, gateways, set-top boxes, DVDs, IP cameras or even a TV into a single control unit for all your attached equipment. It' has already abstract all the important logs and norms necessary to build a comprehensive home safety or home related environments, which include Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and native logs, onto the application tier.

The Kalay Connect has been validated on more chip sets than any other competitive plattform. Kalay's unparalleled physical environment offers the necessary agility to get into the business and the features to give your products an edge. As a result, we can accelerate and streamline the SOC connectivity processes and provide customers and designers with more advanced and better definition of the API and SDK to unlock the power of their attached devices enabling them to achieve their goals.

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