Kalay Platform

The Kalay Platform

Do IoT Kalay platform? Is the Kalay platform? Kalay's platform uses a point-to-point link with a wide range of cloudservice module that provides immediate streaming efficiencies and helps organizations increase uptime. Kalay, which means "handshake" in Taiwan's indigenous languages, is an highly adaptable and scaleable IT platform that allows retail, consumer electronic services, OEM and systems integrator companies to quickly and simply implement their own attached ESS.

Comprised of Kalay Connect, Kalay Cloud and Kalay Apps, the Kalay platform addresses the challenge of time-to-market and bulk implementation, and simplifies and accelerates chip-set capability and applications creation for Kalay Ident. Kalay's platform provides end-to-end solution for a rapidly evolving and evolving IT and telecommunications world. Focusing strongly on technological build for smart device relationship and communications, the Kalay Platform architecture can readily add to and extend your device families.

Kalay's platform enables IoT endpoints to be used like no other and enables solutions vendors and technological brand names to integrate products with clouds.

IoT Kalay Platform Cloud Services

The Kalay Cloud provides the best possible way to manage your equipment and service to improve your customer relationships and eventually boost your revenue. The Kalay Platform currently provides a wide range of modules including the ability to stream videos, record, manage equipment and accounts, collect information, and analyze to help organizations leverage smart business intelligence to drive opportunity.

Dependable and cost-effective solutions without further delay. Connect directly for immediate interdevice connectivity. Watch and capture video as needed. Support includes support for either fulltime, events and streamed music. Save a wide variety of information for immediate retrieval at any given moment. Find and organize all your equipment by group or group. Collecting and recording instrument information for further processing.

You can define more than one type of users and administer them. Check the logon state and the activities. Updating with OTA via a portable application to reduce manual work. Check the state of your equipment and never miss an incident.

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