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Myanmar, Burma.

Myanmar, Burma. Actuellement, the most popular hotel in Kalay est Hotel Moe, qui a été réservé deux fois dans la dernière heure. In return, vous recevrez une nuit bonus gratuite* si vous avez collecté dix nuits régulièrement réservées. This means that even a weekend trip to Kalay can be a first step on the way on the way to a free hotel stay.

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"60 percent of the youth in Kalay are drug addicts."

It won the 2015 parliamentary elections and has long been a member of the NLD in Kalay. The Kalay is situated on a transportation road to the Myanmar-Northeast Indian Myanmar frontier, which passes through the Chin Mountains and is connected to the frontier city of Tamu, about 80 km further to the north.

This poor city with its approximately 500,000 residents is severely affected by cross-border trafficking and addictions are high. Myanmar narcotics, such as heroine and methamphetamines, are shipped to India via Kalay and Tamu, while precursors from India - which are used to manufacture methamphetamines - are shipped in the other way.

What is the seriousness of the issue of substance abuse in the Kalay community? I' m guessing that 60 per cent of the youth in almost every Kalay community are addicts. My mum and dad are worried about it and tell me every single day I go to the Kalay area. Q: Why has the use of narcotics become so common among youngsters?

Areas A: Kalay is a geographic frontier city and a transportation junction with two roads to India. There is also a lack of safety at frontier control points, which facilitates the trade in illicit narcotics. We' ve been informed that some local residents are human smugglers who convince youngsters to take and become addicts. A few young jobless also become substance mongers.

F: Do you think that a shortage of employment and recreational activity in Kalay leads youngsters to use? Action A: Prevent illicit trade in narcotics and promote recreational pursuits such as sport. There is also a shortage of information programs on the risks of narcotics. Before the new administration was established, Aung San Suu Kyi asked what kind of activity should be established for our young population.

Recreational activity must be found to replace narcotics, while employment is another cause of these issues. F: Why doesn't the Kalay P.D. arrest the big dope dealers? You' re definitely gonna know the celebrity narcotics dealers. And I wonder why they have trouble apprehending these people-mongers. It is important for the (Union) authorities to establish a solid domestic agenda and to include the general population in the fight against narcotics, as it appears that this cannot only be done by the state.

F: The Kalay P.D. has detained many narcotics consumers and small pushers instead of human smugglers. Is such a policy capable of combating the drugs trafficking? Barely any large drugs dealer is detained by the agencies - instead they detain many people. However, the cases of substance misuse have not been rejected, so the detention of drugs abusers is not an efficient means.

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