Aka Karlay, Kalay is a city in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar. The name Kalaymyo is alternately known as Kalay ("myo" means city in Burmese). The iata-Code KMV and the icao-Code VYKL are located in Burma. Ligne directe -> hallo@xkalay. com Démos -> demos@xkalay.

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Kalay, also known as Karlay, is a city in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar. It is the Kalay county headquarters[1] It has become more important as cross-border travel between Burma and India has been facilitated by the 165-kilometer Tamu Kalayamyo section of the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway, constructed by the Alliance of Indian Road Organizations as part of the Look-East Connectivity Policy[2].

This catastrophe created a torrent in Kalay and the area. alay was ravaged by the catastrophe. The Wikimedia Commons has a Kalaymyo related public. Kalaymyo (2009-2010)". The Kalay township. Burma database a matter of democratization.

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About Kalaymyo (Kale, Kalay, Kalemyo)

The Kalaymyo is located in a rural part of the Sagaing Division, very near the Chin State frontier; a large part of the local people belong to the Chin ethnical group, and Kalaymyo is the gate to the north Chin State. The name Kalaymyo is alternatively known as Kalay ("myo" means city in Burmese). The most chin are believing Christians (unlike the Myanmar Buddhist majority), and this gives Kalaymyo a captivating culture mixture - the city is divided in the center between the groups Chin and Bamar.

Many homes in Kalaymyo have shields showing with pride which one the occupying forces are in; many of them are on the east-west street that runs through Kalaymyo, especially on the western side of the city where most of Chin's people are. Another kind of activities is Kyauk Ta Lone, a bathing area in a wonderful river basin just over the Chinese state boundary just south of Kalaymyo.

In order to get to Kyauk Ta Lone, drive out of the city to the east and turn right immediately before the Chin crossing onto the small street. In the Taung Za Lat Hotel (opposite the international airfield, which is located in the unusual centre of the city!) you can take a cab or rent a motorcycle for K8000 per daily.

Kalaymyo's seclusion has its own charm, as does the entrance to the north of Chin State; the Chin State highway towards Falam, Tedim and Rih Lake provides a breathtaking panorama view. A larger choice of pictures from Kalaymyo and its surroundings can be found in our Flickr picture gallery.

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