Kalaw Trek

The Kalaw Trek

Kalaw To Inle Lake Trekking: Mandatory in Myanmar If you have once started exploring things in Myanmar, you will definitely come across Myanmar hiking. It is very much loved by visitors and for good reasons. The walks show you a part of the land that is unspoilt by nature. Although you are a traveler, the trekkers do a good job by making sure you only make your tracks in the silt.

Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek is the most beloved trek in the land as it is a simple addition to any journey from Bagan to Inle Lake, both a must for any Myanmar itinerary. Instead of driving from Bagan to Inle Lake, hike part of the way!

Lesser loved hikes are made further north of Mandalay and as so few visitors go there, many have the opportunity to be the first westerner that villagers see. It was not in my route and so I chose to hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake, where several hiking businesses were established.

Watch this movie to see some pictures of Myanmar Trek and my Myanmar trip advice as things are a little different here! You can take the coach from Bagan. Night busses arrive at Kalaw at about 2:30 am and you should have daily busses there by 3:00 pm.

Acknowledge that the streets to Kalaw are rocky (girls I seriously suggest to wear a sport bra) and not for the faint-hearted when the hairpins go up the peak. In Kalaw there is not much to do, as it is usually a fast stop for backpack tourists the next mornings.

Kalaw has no hostel, but the most frequented in Kawal is The Golden Kalaw Inn, which I suggest. The majority of Kalaw businesses provide a two or three-day hike, both of which are the same, but the two-day hike will skip the first full days of the hike through teaplantations and bring a tuk-tuk to the town where the three-day hike will be spending its first overnight stay instead.

You will hike through Myanmar's lush vegetation, see the local farmers and get information from your local guides about the vegetation you are passing. Paddy fields and gentle hilltops will pamper your eye throughout the hike, but you will often see each other at your foot. This hike runs continuously uphill and downwards and is not always on a path.

Await at least three hrs of hiking, with a midday rest and more. On one occasion, a three-hour hike took eight because it was so slimy! From roasted pasta to curried foods, paddy and boiled vegetables that our guides plucked during the first few day.

It' not an light hike and requires a good physical condition. I' m not in top form and had a chill during the hike. I' m recommending Eversmile Trekking, a firm that has surpassed my expectation. The Eversmile has been operating for 18 years and concentrates on smaller groups and is significantly less expensive than the larger group.

Kalaw Inle Lake trek is a truly amazing adventure that cannot be enjoyed in many other places. When you have a question, don't hesistate to call Eversmile Trekking's Toe Toe Toe Toe at 1011@gmail. com, she is an instant pleasure and will make Myanmar trek the best part of your trekk!

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