Kalaw Travel Guide

Calaw travel guide

Kalaw's hills are home to mountain tribes and small villages, and this part of Myanmar is the only place foreign travellers can hike overnight without prior permission. Busses from Sipaw go via Kyaukme and Pin Oo Lin. Calaw travel guide - Important travel information about Myanmar

Constructed high in the cold Shan Plateau mountain range, this picturesque colonial architecture provides a fresh atmosphere and stunning outlooks. Kalaw's rolling countryside is home to mountain communities and small towns, and this part of Myanmar is the only place in the world where overseas travelers can hike over night without previous authorization.

Walk through rural Shan State. Hike into the Shan Plateau, see indigenous flora and fauna and get to know the locals and their way of being. Hiking opportunities vary from 1 full stop in the surrounding village to longer 3-4 days in Inle Lake (and a wide array of places in between) with most hikes open to all walkers.

Travelling travellers walk from Kalaw to Inle Lake and spend the night in a small san town. Upon arriving in the town, you can participate in the preparation of some typical Shand food for dinner (with the help of your hosts), visiting a nearby farmstead and help out, attending an hour of class in class or learning the "circus" style of moving goods in basket on your skull!

Kalaw itself has a lively main store that sells goods locally. The big supermarket comes to the city every 5 nights and locals from the nearby towns come from near and far to buy goods and products. Don't wait to find counterfeit Gucci handbags and Armani T-shirts at this store, it's a true community store where you'll see new attractions, smell, taste and get a sense of rural cuisine.

Known as the "Stairway to Heaven", the staircase to Thein Taung Monastery takes you to a magnificent vantage point at the top of Cloud Hills with a magnificent panoramic mountain panorama. During the reforestation program run by the campsite, guests can find out how to take good good care ofthe animals, how to swim and how to nourish them and how to grow them.

They release hot-air ballons illuminated with lights to party and bring the city to life with road shows, musical performances and pyrotechnics. Located in a centrally located square, the main square is lined with road stands that offer a wide variety of groceries, such as Indian, Nepalese, Myanmar and locally sourced products. This is a tasty and refreshing kitchen similar to the north Thai one.

It is run by a pair of locals and will provide the lowest price beverages in Kalaw. Here are 10 things you won't find in the Myanmar travel guide! The 2 day trek begins in Kalaw and ends in Inle Lake.

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