Kalaw to Inle Trek

Kalav to Inle Trek

However, no trip to Myanmar is complete without trekking Kalaw to Inle Lake. What is the best way to choose the right trekking firm for your Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek? The following articles contain information on how to choose the right TREKING FIRM for your Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek in Myanmar: which TREKING FIRM to choose according to your needs, per capita costs per TREKING FIRM to meet your budgets and trek reviews. It is a quiet city in the Burma highlands.

What is the best way to select your desired trek adventure? Hiking map can be found here. They' re going to Kalaw to make the trek to Inle Lake. At one of the stations along the hike: go to a nearby store. 17,000 all in all for the Inle Lake cruise, 3,000 kyat for the Inle Lake baggage drop-off, 2,000 kyat for the monastic contribution.

Have a look at the Erohism Ever Smiling hike reviews. Sam's Family trekking (081 50377 or 081 50444/50327): the best known of the three agencies. We' d have gone with them because they had a group of two guys doing the 2D1N trek, but they only proposed one night with a host family, which would have been a great experiance if we'd had two evenings, but we chose to stay in a convent.... even if it was an empty one.

GUESTHOUSE Golden Lily: $81 for both of us, which is more costly than to book in advanced at Ever Lily or to go on Sam's Trek with a group of 4 people. There was a great hiking tour leader / cook: Ashok is a very energetic, active and impassioned leader who was very familiar with the Myanmar mountain green.

How to take your Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek? Meal is part of the hike so we only have our own hot and cold drinks and small canapes. Our travel guides were in good companionship and we had a great night of exchanging stories. It would be strongly recommended to him, as a leader, very competent and easily to understand.

Meanwhile we had our luggage handed in at the Nan Da Wann at Inle Lake and were not obliged to spend the night there if the accommodation did not fit us. Early in the day we leave the convent after having had our breakfasts, again guided by our leader, and we were on our way to Lake Inle.

So we made a few stopovers, met other travellers and went to an elementary level elementary level with them. Arriving in Inde-in (a lovely little place to visit) for dinner, I couldn't resist taking my boots off! We' dined at one of the locals' restaurants and quickly wandered around before jumping on the ferry to Inle Lake, where you have to register and settle a 1,500 Kyats per capita charge.

We enjoyed the drive under the warm sunny weather and made it to Inle Lake. Also our handbags were safe and we left Ashok, who was on his way back to Kalaw - for another trek the next da. But we couldn't have been happier with our hike.

When you can ask for Ashok as your tour leader, you should make a very pleasant hike! When you have more preparation and don't want to risk it, I would suggest booking in advance either with Ever and Sam's Family Trekking. In retrospect, I would choose a 3 day 2 night hike to see more of Myanmar's scenery and basing on the 2 day hike, it was not too strenuous and one of the high points of our Myanmar adventure.

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