Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek

From Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek

In the Burmese hills, Kalaw is a quiet town. A trekking tour for Robin of Golden Lily. Completing the Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek in Myanmar

I' ll wager someone already said not to miss the Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek on your trip to Burma, right? It has become very appreciated by travellers and it is no wonder why. Enjoying both the tour itself and the great day at the renowned Inle Lake.

Except for Lake Inle, the tour is not too scenic. Today, with vast farming and uncontrollable deforestation (it is unbelievable how many wooden lorries in China are laden with wood), some parts of the land remind me more of Andalusia' olives than sub-tropical mountaine.

Just.... because of his men! It' astonishing how kind the folks in this land can be. What is nice about this trek is that you can wander through their countries and towns, remain in their homes and enjoy a nice glass of coffee and a lot of smile.

You can take several busses from towns like Yangon or Mandalay to Kalaw.

So we took the Bagan Kalaw Coach after we visited the astonishing town of 4,000 Buddhist cults. I don't know where I can live in Kalaw. Nowadays Kalaw has become very much loved by travellers. When you run through Kalaw, you will see that there are many other agents. We' ve charged about $12 per head and per night, which includes board, lodging, guide and transportation on the Inle Lake.

Nearly all of our agents will bring your rucksack to the Inle Lake Inn of your choosing. That means you only need to take a small rucksack with the necessary equipment for three nights. Arrived in Inle, your rucksack is awaiting you. You must purchase an entry ticket to Inle Lake for $10.

This walk can easily be done by yourself. Obviously they sometimes had a question about which way to go, but the area is quite crowded, so it's easier to find someone to ask. Which means there's nowhere to be. How does the three-day Kalaw-to-Inle walk look like? Soon after we left Kalaw, we reached a small city where they were having a marriage.

Then we were taken to one of the homes and served us dinner, smokes.... and above all many beverages! And then he asked us to spend the night in the cottage. Afterwards we drove through dry countryside, dispersed towns and many local workers.

Later on we reached the host family and stayed the whole evening in the lovely home. 2nd day: The scenery hasn't changed much, but there were always towns and friendly personalities on our way. They' re great men! Eventually we reached the convent, a wonderful place with a lot of calmness and serenity.

DAY THIRD: We didn't do much walking on the last one. After arriving at a small harbour on Inle Lake, we would pay the visitor's fee and drive to Nyaung Shwe (or whatever city you will be in). We have some lovely lakeside resort. But when you are on the road with your backpack, most folks remain in Nyaung Shwe, the capital.

Which is the best time of year for hikes from Kalaw to Inle? It is still possible to finish the walk in these month. This is an excellent time for this tour as there is little precipitation and the landscape is still very verdant. Soak up the convenience of the place. You' re not going to find any luxury on this tour.

They are sleeping on an old matress on the ground of the buildings and walking on dust roads. And, as I said, the landscape is not even spectacular until one reaches the lake. It is the aim of this journey to bring the local population, the simplest things, the children's smile, and a nice glass of coffee to the local population.

It is the one thing the scenery of making this journey and seeing these beautiful places is... It will make you appreciate the most important things in it. Did you enjoy "How to make the Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek"? Hello, I am Mokel; adventure traveller, divers and hiker. For 7 years I have been travelling the globe and hopefully my experience, photographs and walking tours will give you inspiration to visit the globe.

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