Kalaw Restaurants

The Kalaw Restaurants

The Red House Bar & Restaurant. Burmese Top Choice in Kalaw. Kalaw Top Choice Italian. Tirigayha Restaurant is a hut restaurant in Kalaw.

The New simple Life is a cosy restaurant serving European dishes with fresh and local ingredients.

Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma) Restaurants

Favourite, long-lasting, sociable Nepalese food, serving delicious curried sandwiches with a good choice of side orders in a comfortable environment. Generated but relatively full-bodied Burmese - as well as traditional Burmese, Asian, Western and a bit of Shan - food is offered in this sweet, foreigner-oriented chalethouse.

A number of Shan-inspired meals are on the menus in this neat, two-story place. However, most of the meal includes a Burmese version of classical Korean food. A cozy, welcoming store selling tasty trays with its name-giving pasta and an Anglophone meal list with other one-plate cuisine.

The Top 10 of the best restaurants in Kalaw

Kalaw, an ancient Myanmar hillside city, is an excellent base for travellers to explore beautiful viewpoints and savour tasty specialty cuisine. The 11 best restaurants in Kalaw for travellers are listed below. Tirigayha is a hut café in Kalaw. Gourmets can delight with full-bodied burmesian, smoked meat, smoked meat, and a touch of shan as a chopped chickens meal with native spices, ground meat of cattle and so on.

It is a tidy place with effective service. The cozy New Simplified Life restaurants serve traditional homemade menus with the freshest and best of the best homemade produce. It has many tasty foods for travellers to savor, such as poultry noodles, lard, sun-dried tomato and pizzas with its particular flavor. At the end of the meal, the visitor can have a good cup of tea and a nice monastery.

The Everest Nepali Food Centre provides a large selection of food in a pleasant environment at reasonable rates and very good service. Dishes are perishable, well cooked and tasty. The Red House Bar & Restaurant has beautiful seats for our customers. At the Pyae Pyae Pyae restaurant, you can enjoy a large selection of dishes at good rates.

There can not be denied some tasty meals such as Chicken Hotspot, Pasta dish with pig meat, stewed chickens pasta broth, and so on. Those who want to taste Kalaw India can come to 3N South India Food. It is located next to the highway, so it is simple to find this place.

There are many possibilities for your meal with poultry cuurry, sheep cuurry, curried seafood, curried veal, grilled veal, dahle fille broth, masalas and so on. One of Kalaw's best destinations is Dreams. Our customers are enjoying delicious food, roasted seafood, curried seafood with fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. as if in a hot environment.

There are also rooms for individuals in this eatery. The Thu Maung Myanmar Food is known as one of Burma's most popular genuine restaurants in Kalaw, serving fleshy chickens, pigs, mutton und fishdishes with extraordinarily tasty dip, side dishes, lettuce, pickle, trimmings und potato lettuce made of crisp and crisp raw herbs.

Everything is cool and exquisite in the food. Myanmar, Shan, India and the West, a wide range of exquisite and refreshing food and beverages are available to travellers. We also have breakfasts with yummy avocados smoothies, omelettes with bred, jam, leaf teas and so on.

In the Shan Ma Lay Restauranteur, visitors can taste classical Myanmar, China and some Shan-inspired food. Travellers can enjoy marvellous food in a pleasant and pleasant ambience in the hotel canteen.

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