Kalaw place

In Kalaw Place

This is Frenz Fries: Puerto Galera, Kalaw Square and I think I just passed away and had a look at the sky when I walked into Kalaw Place, room number three. I am already ahead of history, but unexpectedly I have found another secret haven that is only four long minutes away from Manila. Everything began with a plain yearning.

I thought it would be best to fill this longing on Kalaw Place with some of my mates. Situated on a hill, in the middle of three hectares of luxuriant land with a view of the bay of Puerto Galera, Kalaw Place began in 1979 as a small summer residence of the Kiddo and Rosmarie Kalaws.

Over the years, more buildings have been added to help those who want to temporarily flee urban living in the streets of St. John's Square and just want to experience the secluded and tranquil tranquillity of the place. On our week-end trip we got room no. 1 in the main building. This two story Filipino style villa, which consists mainly of reed, pine woods, wicker and nickel plated cabin with ancient furnishings and some ancient accessoires, looks like a Bahai cubo villa.

Situated in the middle of the village, the farmhouse is set among hard-woods, palm groves, bamboo, anahaws, cactuses, hibiscuses, bougainvilleas and other blooming bushes, a landscape that is so relaxed and pleasant for the eye. Rooms in this three-storey building provide an unobstructable and breathtaking panoramic views of Palangan Bay, Boquete Island and the surrounding sands.

Who would ever want to depart Kalaw Paradise when they wake up to these celestial sight? Although Kalaw Place does not have a sandy and whitish shore, it has its own small bay (lined with thick mangroves) and a separate pool, which is also ideal for sunbathing, paddling and canoeing. It is a real place of contemplation and stimulation and perhaps also of continuation.

Even if we haven't gone yet, far inside, I miss him already.

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