Kalaw Myanmar Trekking

Trekking Kalaw Myanmar

We' ve really had an amazing time, rural Myanmar is so beautiful that you can't explain it with words. Nearly everyone who comes to Kalaw does trekking in the mountains. What area is more beautiful and authentic, Hsipaw or Kalaw?

Hiking in Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma)

Nearly everyone who comes to Kalaw does trekking in the mountains. Situated in a beautiful wooded hilly countryside, the city is encircled by Buddhist coughies, overlooking the Palaung, Danu, Pa-O, Taung Yo and Danaw mountains and tranquil towns. Favourite places for daily tours around Kalaw are the Myin Ma Hti Cave (???????????), the Pa-O towns just outside the city of Kalaw (????????) and the towns of Pa-O, Danu and Taung Yo near Myin Deich (?????????) railway stations.

A further joint itinerary leads south-west of Kalaw to the Palaung towns of Ywathit (??????) and Tar Yaw (?????), past the view point, a rural, Nepalese eatery with a wide view over the city. Ever Smiles leaders visit Pane Ne Pin (?????????) and Myin Ka (????????), Palaung and Taung Yo towns situated in a wonderful area just south of Kalaw.

There are also daily tours to Patingone (?????????), a four-hour walk just outside Kalaw, where there is a Pa-O/Taung Yo healers' workshop. Without a doubt, the most favourite night walk is the two to four-day walk to Lake Inle. Or you can take a two-day MTB tour along a similar path; please consult your local representative at NAING NÁING for more information.

For a more exciting night's lodging, hike over several days to Pindaya via Taung Ni (??????). Moteh is the perfect place for a walk or an evening hike through a wood. Trekker sleeping in the wood or staying the night in a Taung Yo town. The majority of the inhabitants of the village are primarily dependent on agriculture, but some subsidize their incomes by making crafts and offering food and shelter for hikers.

You only need a good set of hiking boots for one-day hikes. The meal is usually part of the hike but you should buy and take your own drink. The trekking takes place all year round, but during the wet period (approx. June to October) you have to reckon with slimy weather during.

It is not advisable to trek without a leader - the paths are bewildering and difficult, and few mountain bikers are able to talk English. Walking tours cost approximately US$10 per group of four persons per night, starting at K32,000 per persons per night in groups of two or more.

Rather than another overcrowded, bony rattle driving trip, you should take a stroll between Inle Lake and Kalaw. You can choose from a number of alternate itineraries to get to your final destinations, and your itinerary can vary from two to four nights, according to what you and your tour book. While the hike is scenically attractive, it is important to realise that it is more of a cultur ( or even agricultural) adventure than a stroll through it.

There is only one true wood outside Kalaw, and most of the hike takes you through relatively advanced Pa-O and Danu communities and vast fields of grain, rices, tea, potatoes, seeds and chili. In some places you will hike on hiking trails, while other parts of the hike run on streets (paved and unpaved) or even along railway rails.

You will most likely stay one overnight with one Pa-O or Danu familiy and another in a buddhistic sanctuary. A number of alternate long and shorter trips are available; some opt to travel by road to Kalaw in one afternoon, while other leaders have found ways to prolong the journey to four overnight stays.

When you choose the default three days you will probably start in one of the lake towns of Inthein, Tha Lay, Thandaung or Khaung Daing. Generally one can count on at least four hikes per days, the only really sharp part is the climb from Thandaung at Inle Lake.

On the second part of the walk through rolling countryside, and as you get closer to Kalaw on the third part of the walk, the hike takes you through high hills lined with pines and greenery. Winters are the best season for the hike, the only disadvantage is that you will almost certainly meet other hikers - there have been reports of up to 50 person overnight stays in the convent.

Kalaw trekking to Inle Lake is usually less expensive than the other way, with some guide services charge K40,000 per head per night, excluding Inle Lake admission (K12,500). When organising your hike from Lake Inle, you will be charged 50,000 K per capita, per night, in groups of four or more.

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