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Myanmar Kalaw Photos

Get the perfect pictures of Kalaw Myanmar Burma. A larger selection of photos from Kalaw can be found in our Kalaw Flickr photo album. The property also has one of the best locations in Kalaw! In the next weeks I will publish photo essays from Burma. A amateur photographer from Kalaw, see more ideas about Kos.

Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar: One Photojournal

When we were strolling through the colourful hilly landscape outside the small hill city of Kalaw, a carpet of sun-drying chilies, bushhels of leafy greens, slightly wafting purple blossoms of purple juice and yellows of mustards in the dry breezes, our leader Aki pointed to the two ladies approaching us on the same slightly stooped road with time.

Just like the kids at the village college we had just happened, like the younger girls who were still in the fields behind us, like the men on the bullock carts, every face we happened had so many tales, so much live coming out of the country we were going through now.

After deciding to include Lake Inle in our route, we were advised to take the traditional overnight coach and instead take a three-day hike from the hill city of Kalaw. Not even looking up photos before we chose to tie our filthy inverted backpack and swap our big ones for these smaller, tempo-pack.

It should come as no great shock that what followed shook us and gave us a deep er impression than our other Myanmar experience to date. Every part of Myanmar, from Bagan to Yangon to Mandalay, was full of precious stones that differed in colour and styles, yet were still intriguing and precious.

The 18-year-old, yet sage tour leader has coloured the countryside even more richly by telling us her tales, involving us in every kind of indigenous ceremony and adventure and opening up everything about Myanmar. By the time we got there, we had started to open the curtains for the previously sealed land, but Aki tore the curtains off the bars, opened the windows and drew us to the sidelines as she was explaining everything (arranged marriages, civilian conflicts, her experiences of indigenous Buddhists murdering Muslims).

When we reached Inle Lake, our existing Myanmar comprehension was full, from a coarse coal drawing to an exuberant portrayal full of colours, images and story. We were able to get out of the land because we had the impression that in two short days in Myanmar we had as much as a picture of a stranger, a picture of this place and what it was like beyond the Bagan Cards.

lnle Lake, Myanmar. Fullfilled, lucky and very dirty we reached Lake Inle. It' s only been three and a half day on foot, but it felt like we'd travelled to the core of the countryside of Myanmar and back. From Kalaw, we went into the worlds, countryside and many times that will be missed in our translations as foreigners to an unfamiliar country, but reached Inle Lake like a small home after looking a little longer into our live on the spot than we had been informed by a group.

If you are interested in this hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake, you can reach Eversmile at[email protected].

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