Kalaw Myanmar

Calaw Myanmar

Much of Kalaw's original colonial buildings have been preserved and it is also known as Myanmar's trekking Mecca. Kalaw is one of the few destinations in Myanmar that is more suitable for backpackers than for groups. You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Kalaw, Myanmar on TripAdvisor: In the Shan state of Myanmar, Kalaw is a hill town. Situated in Kalaw municipality in Taunggyi district.

Kalav - the city

Kalaw is an old mountain resort high up in Shan State in the west with a relaxed ambience, fresh air and picturesque outlooks. Much of Kalaw's pristine old settlement has been preserved and is also known as Myanmar's best hiking destination. So whether you want to enjoy the scenery after a short walk to enjoy the view of the hills and colorful flower-lined roads, or a longer hike of several days to Lake Inle or Pindaya to experience the life of the indigenous mountain people, Kalaw provides a multitude of opportunities for exploring - and a level of mobility that is not always possible in other faraw.

In the centre of Kalaw is the village people from the nearby hill towns and villages selling their products. Next to it is the Aung Chang Tha grocery store, which shines with silvery and golden glassy mosaic. The majority of the city's eateries, stalls and pubs around the square provide a particularly varied selection of groceries, with the offspring of the railwaymen from India and Nepal who moved here during the UK reign providing their own meals to supplement the Shan tariff.

On Aung Chan Tha Street, city center in the southwest of the square. downtown Minn Street, just South of the square. Located on Shwe Oo Min Road, 25 minute walking or 5 minute motorcycle ride just South of the city. Hey Snacks & Drinks is a small and impressive diving place and the best place for a drinks in Kalaw.

Downtown Kon Thae Street, just west of the square. For a relaxing break after a city tour or hill hike, the Pineland Paradise Hotel's courteous personnel provide a wide range of services; you can call +95 81 50454, 9 360 20536 or 9 4016 38424 to reserve a meeting 25 min on foot (or 5 min motorcycle taxi) southeast of the city near Morning glory Inn.

You will find several caf├ęs and restaurants in the center of Kalaw that offer free wireless and there is a KBZ ATM where you can use Visa and Mastercard, which are situated right next to the highway (near the coach stop). You can find the schedule and the complete list of Myanmar in our schedule of events.

Short trips in and around Kalaw can be done on your own. Thein Taung Pagode and the convent, which lies just off the Union Highway (the major Kalaw road) and houses a buddhistic convent, can be visited for an outstanding view of Kalaw, its square and the hill.

Watch our YouTube movie from Thein Taung Wooden Lounge heading southward through the city of Kalaw. Southwest of the main square, a nice stroll will take you to Hnee Buddha, where you will find a 500-year-old Buddha made of brown and Shwe U Min Pagode (Shwe Oo Min Paya), a cavern full of gold Buddhas.

These hikes and the nearby mountains contain memories of UK settlement, such as renovated huts and another sacred memorial - Christ the King Church. It is a great example of Myanmar's vibrant church service, with everyday and Sunday divine work.

The Green Hill Valley Elefant Camps is a good example of Myanmar's new driving force for ecotourism. The 40-minute cab trip from Kalaw was established in 2011 to help preserve the area' s wildlife, protecting the aging and poor wildlife and giving the visitor the opportunity to see them in their own living space.

A larger collection of Kalaw pictures can be found in our Kalaw Flickr picture gallery. It is the most interesting and attractive landscape of Myanmar, making the walk to Lake Inle the most favourite long haul itinerary. You can find guidebooks around the square and in most places of interest, or you can reserve in advanced via this booking request and take along guidebooks on excursions with nice view of the Shan Mountains around Kalaw, as well as many mountain people's places of worship and village.

However, keep in mindful that it is unlikely that locals will be able to talk in English and a telephone with GPS activated will help (make sure to preload the map with Wi-Fi if you do not have wireless in Myanmar). The Shan Mountains can be trekked all year round, although the coolest period is perhaps the most enjoyable - but sometimes not for the masses.

To see a larger choice of mountain biking pictures, visit our hike between Pindaya and Kalaw. Myanmar offers a wide range of trips that includes Kalaw and hikes in the area - learn more here.

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