Kalaw Market

The Kalaw Market

The market of Kalaw is worth a visit - several stalls sell dried fruits and local liqueurs. The market place is the heart of the city like any real rural village town. The Aung Ban traffic hub is brought to life every five days by a fantastic local market. When you stay in Kalaw, take a look at the market plan and visit us.

Journey Tuesday: Mornings market in Kalaw (Burma)

On the way to Inle Lake we spent a day and a half in Kalaw, a small hillside city ( (with a height of 1320 meters) established by the British, for whom the Myanmar plain was too high. In fact, it was the coldest place we went during our journey, and unexpectedly it was one of my favorites, although we didn't stay there long.

It is a quiet city, most of the visitors who come here are hikers and hikers, as the mountains around the city provide great possibilities if you are so lean. So we went on a brief walk through the city for a few hour and actually wish we had enough to try the walk to Inle Lake - that sounded like a very special one.

When you' re at the "big market day", you'll be amazed by the attractions, noises ('smells') of the market along Merchant Road (although I don't recall any road sign - we just followed our instincts!). As the market is running every 5 trading hours, even though every 5 trading hours the mountain trunks join the normal suppliers, the market is growing export.

As on the best fairs there is nothing tourist and really nothing to buy (certainly no souvenirs!) - although we later bought some groundnuts for candy. Allegedly the market begins at 6 o'clock in the morning, but when we were there at 6.30 o'clock, the salesmen were still there. This was a nice, slow tempo (and no visitors at this early moment on the morning we were there, although we met a large group when we departed at 7.15am) and the ideal time to see the natives in their life.

So I was amazed to find them on my storage cards - I really did stop a long time and really looked at the humans and their goods. When you are on your way to or from Inle, you should stay one or two days in Kalaw.

The market is really something to visit.

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