Kalaw Hotel

The Kalaw Hotel

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Starting at 22 per person per day. Starting at 31 per person per day. Starting at 26 per person per day. An interesting city, not too big for walking..... It' an interesting city, not too big to go anywhere.

It is a very small city, but a good base for..... It is a very small city, but a good base for hiking through wonderful scenery and welcoming towns. All we did was stay one and a half nights in the city. There was enough prospecting there, Aung Chan Thar Zedi mirrored, we found a lovely calm garden and many possibilities for doing so.

We have trekked with Ever and had a great trip with Aki as our tour leader on a three-day two-day trip to Inle Lake. Easy to get to the fair and the city. It was an astonishing five-day revolving fair.

It was an astonishing five-day revolving fair. Out of Kalaw we organized an excursion to Green Hill Elephant Sanctuary, which was unbelievable (& the cost worth). The Kalaw is very relaxed & the souvenir markets and teahouses are enchanting. The Thitaw Lay House B&B in a beautiful backyard was our favorite place in Burma - a nice stroll from Kalaw.

So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site. Guest-holders spend the night on the premises checking how calm the room is, how kind the personnel are and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their stop.

Big cost saving and genuine evaluations

This part of the world's greatest attraction is the small towns and the vast woods and jungle that surrounds them. Skilled walkers and camper often set off to the Kalaw Reserved Forest to explore nature for a few long nights while they face the element. The majority of Kalaw hostels and guest houses can help their clients choose the right route for them, which includes advice for a competent and serious tourist leader.

Of course hiking is the primary activities here, and a visit to Myin Ma Hti is a must for all our people. Here are the Kalaw caverns and sanctuaries, which offer plenty of opportunities for caving and relaxing visit to the area' s monasteries and sanctuaries. Away from the city' s scratches and noises, Kalaw gives travellers the possibility to immerse themselves in another realm and replace it with mounds that seem to take them to the sky and the soothing sound of rock.

To find out where the remaining Kalaw properties, sights and places of interest are located, explore the full range of Kalaw's facilities by using the online maps on this page.

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