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Maps of hotels in the Kalaw area: The Kalaw (????) was founded as a top station by British officials fleeing the heat of the plains.

Myanmar - Shan State - Kalaw; Activities in Kalaw. Activities in Kalaw . Satellite view, map of Kalaw (Mon Region / Myanmar).

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Situated in Kalaw municipality in Taunggyi district. It was a favourite of the British during the British Empire. Jan-Philipp Sendker's novel "Thert of Hearing Heartbeats" is set in Kalaw.

Trek Kalaw and Encounter with Ethnic People". www.myanmartour.com. This Shan State Locations item is a pub.

Burmese insiders: KALAV - the former British colonial city and the colours of the Shan Hills

The Aung Chan Tha Zedi is marking the centre of Kalaw. The Kalaw mountain terminus (1320 metres above sealevel ) lies on the west side of the Shan Plateau, and it is set amidst hills, colorful mountain towns, streams, pine forests and wooded areas of shan. It is also known for hiking. The Pyi Daungsu Lun is the major street where the markets, horse-drawn coaches, horses, accommodation, trekking businesses and dining establishments are located.

It was a former UK city and you will find a number of churches such as Christ the King and other UK styled outbuildings. There are also many samples of Asiatic architectural styles in Kalaw. Kalaw is home to the communities of Pa O, Palaung, Taungyo, Dan-u and Ter O, who spread over the hill.

All 5 jourses the hill tribe men join the normal salesmen in Kalaw and let the fairgrowth. Work is underway to help village residents live better, including a children's home in Kalaw, library facilities in several country towns, the provision of drinking and drinking fountains, afforestation, construction work and the sale of locally sourced produce in the shed.

Jan-Philipp Sendker's novel The Kind of Hearing Heartbeats is based in Kalaw. In 2012 he paid a trip to Kalaw and written about Aung San Su Kyi's visits, soldiers who build costly homes and corrupt practices (read). Accommodation in Kalaw: Miscellaneous Ratings on tripadvisor.com. Kalaw Inn Golden:

Pretty good ratings on tripadvisor.com. Pretty good ratings on tripadvisor.com. The Hilltop Villa Mountain Resort Kalaw: Great ratings on tripadvisor.com. Great ratings on tripadvisor.com. Room tidy and small, after quite good ratings on tripadvisor.com. Simple rooms, some small ones after good review on tripadvisor.com. The Kalaw Hotel Mountpleasant Group: The Nature Land Hotel 2, 10 Thida St., Infront of Kalaw Middle School.

Excellent ratings on tripadvisor.com. Great ratings on tripadvisor.com. Review on tripadvisor.com refer to the design questions. Great ratings on tripadvisor.com. 15 minutes on foot to the Kalaw Centre. It borders a convent and a wood. Beautiful place according to review on tripadvisor.com. Taung Su Road. Pretty good ratings on tripadvisor.com. The convent of Thein Taung:

Image of the stairs and more images of the monastery Thein Taung..... Taung Pye Paya: Pagoda Myoma Kyaung Hsu Taung Pyae. The most Kalaws restaurant-dining stands surrounding the school. According to ratings on tripadvisor.com, very good Nepalese cuisine. Excellent ratings on tripadvisor.com. That is why Kalaw is known for hiking, for example to the Inle Lake.

You will find independant hiking guidebooks at A1 Trekking kalaw. He has a good name as a leader (kalawcountryside@gmail.com and 571min@gmail.com). Sam's family hiking firm also has. and the Taung Yoe: More about Taung Yo clothes. The Myin Ma Thi Town ("Temples and Caves"): A few kilometers from Kalaw (about 30-40 min. by bike).

Pinnabin Palace Town ("Pein ne bin"): Paleung belongs to the Mon Khmer. It' s about two to four hrs through the hill to the town of the people. First, a precipitous path goes down into a small river basin where the Paleung grow teas, plums and mangos.

It crosses the valleys and then rises very steep again to Palaung Dorf Pinnabin, on a rock. Palaung were once activists, most of them converting to Buddhism. Learn more about travelling with Sheila and more about the Palaung here.

Drive from Kalaw to Pindaya and then to Nyaung Shwe by car: 65000 Kyat. From Kalaw to Indein (Inle Lake), 3 days: Tar Yaw Palmung Town, Pa-O and Taung Yo Town, Pyin Thar Town, Hte Thein Monastery: Khaung Daing Village (Inle Lake), 3 days: Pein ne bin and Taung Ni towns, Zedi Gone town ( (Pa-O and Danu), Hin Kha Bin town (Pa-O), Lwe Ma Khan town (Danu), Khone Lwin town (Danu), overnight in cloister.

and Hta-Nought, Sue Pan Inn Dorf (Taung Yoe), Wah Gyi Myaung Dorf (Taung Yoe), here overnight in a cloister. from Kalaw to Tar Yaw and Yar Aye Chaung, 3 days: Thit Ywar Town ( (Danu), Tar Yaw Town (Palaung), Tar Yaw Town (see handwork), lookout with small store (Nepalese), overnight in Hingar Gone Town.

Lay A Gone Village, Yae Aye Chaung village town. Hla Thit town, Ywar Pu town. Kalaw Pindaya, 4 days: Kya Inn Lake Kya Lake Kya Inn Htut Ni Lake (Danu), Taung Myint Gyi Lake (Palaung), Taung Myint Gyi Nun. Soe Gone Kyaung Town ( "You will come past Pa-O, Palaung and Shan), overnight in Hmwe Daw Convent, on a rock.

Yar Bin Thit Yar town, Naung Ye town, Tha Ye Oo Hmin caverns, smaller than those in Pindaya, but quieter, overnight in Na Wah Taung cloister. Cloister Myin Ka (Pa-O). Vistas from the trek around Kalaw: View the Kalaw to Inle Lake photo gallery and trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake and view the images here.

Busses from Bagan start at 4am and reach Kalaw around 3pm (11000 Kayt). Take a taxicab to Taunggyi and get off Mandalay at 8am and into Kalaw around 4pm. Alternatively, take the Heho -Aiport rail from Heho to Kalaw. From Heho to Kalaw it will take about an hours drive by cab and will cost 30000 Kyats.

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