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Situated in the municipality of Kalaw in the Taunggyi District of Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Situated in the mountains of the Shan State of Myanmar. The Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek. This is not the case with Nyaung Shwe, with his burgeoning guesthouse and café scene, nor does Aung Ban have the trekking seal of approval of Hsipaw or Kalaw.

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The Kalaw is a mountain resort in Myanmar (Burma), at 1320 meters above sealevel. Busses from Bagan depart at 7:30 in the mornings and arrive in Kalaw around 15:00 (K11,000). Continue by the same coach to Inle Lake (town of Nyaung Shwe). Thazi -Kalaw is located in the hills, villages, jungle right in front of the door.

Depart Thazi for Kalaw 0700. Price 800K usual, 1300K top shift (October 2015). From Yangon the price for the Yangon is 3550K (lower class), slightly more for the higher classes. Twenty-six hour travel time, plus a ~5 hour stopover in Thazi in the midnight hour to allow travelers to relax.

Arrival in Thazi around 2 o'clock in the morning. Pull over at Thazi. Departure again at 7 am, arrival in Kalaw at 1.15 pm. From Thazi to Kalaw the second part is much more beautiful, hilly, slowly and dramatically. They' ll also do one day rounds of Inle, but negotiate bad. A few kilometers from Kalaw (about 30-40 min bike ride).

It is possible to hire a bike in the store next to the Myoma Monastery (in Kalaw). There are many Kalaw hiking trails, most of the backpacker guesthouses provide a variety of walks, 1 to Kalaw, 3 to Inle Lake, 3 to 2 to 2 to 1 to Inle Lake, etc.

Typical cost of the trek is $25 per capita per night, which includes food for the trek and accommodation for the trek. Large baggage is transported to Inle. One of Myanmar's best birdwatching areas, Kalaw also offers you the best chances to see the Burmese Yuhina, a high-grade local ized Burmese indigenous wildlife, and other coveted wildlife such as the dark-backed Sibia and the Black-throated Rail,

On the large main square in the centre of the city there are many nice and inexpensive handicrafts to buy. Sam's family hiking business also has a nice café. There are many stalls around the main square. The Seven Sisters eatery with fantastic homemade cuisine. Excellent good cuisine ( 500 to 3000 K).

Outside the city centre, on the Circuit Rd 15 min walking past Natureland Hotel 2, is the New Simple Life Cafe. Run by a native French educated, it probably has the best coffees and pastries in Myanmar. It specialises in Europe foods and sells pizzas (7.000-10.000MMK), pastas (6.000-9.000MMK) and sandwwiches (3.000MMK).

There is a wonderful atmosphere, the employees are fluent in English and the meals are fantastic. The Y2K is the new opened Y2K Refreshment Centre, which offers some of the most delicious foods in Kalaw. It is the best place to have a quick one in Kalaw. They are a nice native pair who spends their days beckoning and laughing to prospective clients as they go on foot trying to do some work.

You also have a restricted menue. There are many teeshops surrounding the city' s center. Kalaw offers many inexpensive possibilities and real hotel accommodation. Located on the Hauptstraße, just south of the city (10 min. by foot from the train depot, 1 min. from the Hauptmarkt ), next to the large "Winner Hotel" hotel.

Inle Lake coach (should be arriving around 15.00, ask the guesthouses/tour operators). Daily around 13:15 h to Inle Lake, often late. Costs 500K regular grade, expects almost 2x more for the top grade.

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