Kalaw Accommodation

Accommodation Kalaw

It is a city with mainly middle-sized accommodation facilities. Explore the best hotels in Kalaw, including Dream Villa Hotel, Royal Kalaw Hills Resort, Pine Breeze Hotel. The UNIQUE Bed & Breakfast is a newly opened family pension in Kalaw, Myanmar.

Accommodation in Kalaw

It is a city with mainly middle-sized accommodation facilities. Amicable reception staff in the Eastern Paradise fight with the English language, but are kind and inviting. Situated three minutes' walking distance from the Hauptstra├če and five minutes' walking distance from the city' s public square. Please have a look at our full report on the Eastern Paradise Hotels.

Situated in the heart of the city, Honey Park was opened in 2012 and still looks and breathes new life. It has 24 rooms and a beautiful interieur with whites and pinewood. See our full rating of Honey Piges Hotel. This dream villa is situated in a large house reminding of a manor house and it' s surrounding by a large selection of well-kept green.

See our full rating of Dream Villa Hotel. Since 1994 the Golden Lily has been run by a kind Sikhily. Please have a look at our complete Golden Lily reviews. At one of the more prestigious ones, the High Seint Hotel, there is a great view. It is situated on the high street, only a few minutes on foot from several different eateries.

Our employees are kind, supportive and able to organise tours for trekkers (for trekkers we recommend going down the road to the Golden Lily). See our full review of Seint Hotels. Situated in the center of the city, the Winner has a large China shield. Immediately we were welcomed by a kind welcome lady, who gladly guided us through the whole city.

See our full rating of Winner Hotell. New Shine Hotels with the "24-hour service" tag will be useful if your coach leaves at 04:00 and the hotels you have reserved for are closed for the day. See our full rating of New Shine Hotell. Please have a look at past editions.

They are my favorite Kalaw properties by categories, from 5 to 3 star.

They are my favorite Kalaw properties by categories, from 5 to 3 star. Yes, I have reviewed ALL properties on the website and selected my favorite for you. Not all of them I have been to, but I have made this choice on the basis of my own Myanmar resort experiences, my own understanding of each town, a list of accommodation, ratings from other visitors, and referrals from some of my friend who has been staying in some of them.

Click on the name of the property or the image for more information, images and availabilities. I' ve decided to partner with agaoda because it is the website for hotels that I always use when travelling in Asia. Name of the hotels On the grounds of the resort there are several hiking paths that pass through gorgeous Kalaw Creek along picturesque hills and lovely farmhouses.

A very good 7.8 basing on 12 votes. Well located in the Kalaw sight-seeing area, it offers you an ideal place to take a rest from your bustling work. This is the starting point for everything the vibrant town has to boast of. The well-kept surroundings and the closeness to Myin Ma Hti Cave, Shwe Oo Min Pagoda, Palaung Village give this property a particular allure.

Magnificent amenities such as whirlpool, saunas, a 3km course, spas, massage so you can relax after an eventful days in town. HIGHGLEDS from client reviews: Nice populist charms. on the basis of 18 evaluations. Situated in Kalaw and with only 36 rooms, all beautifully decorated. HIGHGLEDS from client reviews:

Wonderful time. Nice room with a small patio that leads to the backyard. Our employees were very supportive and kind and good to our kids. Nice place. Fantastic 8. 2 is backed by 50 votes. It has 14 lovely rooms and provides excellent accommodation and services. It is an excellent place to spend time if you are looking for a charming, comfortable place to be.

HIGHGLEDS from client reviews: Wonderful personnel, great situation outside the city, great breakfas. Nice mountain retreat. The personnel is so kind and supportive. It was great, for the cash we spent, I'd say awesome. It' very new, feeling like a home in the Alps.

We had super friendly personnel, great meals and a nice situation. Awesome 8. Worshipfulness: 5 Based on 102 Ratings. HIGHGLEDS from client reviews: They were astonishing, English fluent and very supportive. Opinions awesome and lucky faces adored it. Marvellous place, marvellous people. Enjoy your time in Kalaw. Awesome 8. ┬┐4 based on 35 votes.

You' ll enjoy the major sights of the town, such as Shwe Oo Min Pagoda, Myin Ma Hti Cave, Palaung Village in the immediate vicinity. HIGHGLEDS from client reviews: Excellent services, the best personnel, neat and very cute. Lovely place to unwind. Courtesy and supportive personnel and great views of the mountain.

Awesome 8. On the basis of 115 Ratings. Favourable situation, only 7 rooms and with massages and gardens. HIGHGLEDS from client reviews: A small out of Kalaw with a lovely pair that is always there for you. Terrific place.

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