Kakku Pagodas Myanmar

Accumulator Pagodas Myanmar

Discover Myanmar's culture, history and archaeology. Pagoda Pagoda Myanmar Kakku reliquary pagean of Shan State, which has recently become one of the most popular places in Shan State. Located near Mway Taw and Kakku Villages, Taunggyi Townships, under the management of Sonderregion 6, about 25 km from Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State.

Kakku myth dates back to the 3rd millennium BC in the area of King Ashoka of the Indian Empire and also to the Bagan family of the eleventh millennium during the reign of the renowned King Alaung Sithu. It' a known fact that King Ashoka cleansed and spread the Buddha School throughout the Indian Empire and even extended the destiny to Myanmar.

We all know Asoka's wonderful and monuments of neighbourly love, where 84,000 fountains, 84,000 lakes, 84,000 pagodas and many other shapes and acts were given. For example, many old pagodas found in Myanmar are connected to his name in one way or another.

A further famous myanmar history story relates to King Alaung Sithu of the thriving Bagan dynasty, who achieved fabulous glory through his efforts to build the country and spread Buddhism in Myanmar. On the magic king ship "Thit Ka Net" he is to travel his kingdom, with a way of fighting that appears mystical in the bare sense of his nib.

His pagodas were built between the shores, on mounds and in the plain, as though they had been influenced by his kingly visions. On one of his regal trips along Shan State he was profoundly captivated by the untangling scenery of this place. As a result, His Grace ordered his entourage to construct a holocaust on the mound above this beautiful swamp.

It was called "Phaungdaw Sit", which means that the pit was constructed where the king's cargoboat was. This was also one of the biggest structure in the group of pagodas. Kakku pagodas are composed of two different architectonic representations. This was conceived as a "Yun" compilation of pagodas. One of the most important contributors to pagodas was one of the Shan's dominating ethnical nations, known as "Yun".

Yun Design's biggest Yun style is located in the east and is known by various brands, such as Ashoka and Shwewet Ku pagodas, Kakku reliquaries pagodas, etc. Anawratha, in the gold era of the construction of pagodas, was the initiator of Myanmar's concept. Alaung Sithu was also renowned for the construction of pagodas in places where his King's barges moored during his extended voyages along his realm.

It is said that one of the impressive pagodas in the west section was erected by Alaung Sithu, who carries the coupé "Phaung Daw Site", which means the coupé in remembrance of his ship's anchorage. Pagodas in the west generally followed Bagan design.

Pious Buddhists of later generation founded many smaller pagodas around the two large Stupa. Sum= 7, 623 pagodas. In the later 1928 survey, the number of pagodas was 2548. The most pagodas are ruined from the past. Built by King Alaung Sithu and other followers.

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