Kakku Pagodas

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Come and visit Kakku Pagodas with us! The Kakku Pagoda Complex in Inle Lake The Kakku Pagoda Resort is situated in Shan State, about 30 kilometers from Taunggyi and is one of the biggest and most impressive antique sights in Asia. It contains several thousand pagodas and shrines built in the sixteenth c...

The pagodas of Kakku have two tales, one of them is in the 3rd c. BC under the impact of King Ashoka of the Indian Empire, the other refers to the area of King Alaung Sithu in the eleventh c....

After the first traditions, King Ashoka spread Buddhism throughout the Indian Empire. They say that 84,000 wells, 84,000 lakes and 84,000 pagodas were constructed in his family. Alaung Sithu, who has achieved many successes in the development of the land and the spread of Buddhism in Myanmar.

Many pagodas were constructed during this period, some on the riverbank, some on the hill, others on the plain. Kakku was to be constructed on one of his regal journeys to Shan State and was also one of the biggest monuments of religion in the state.

The Kakku Pagodas have two basic architectural trends. In the east part of the group are the biggest pagodas of this singular architectural form, like the Ashoka and Shwewet Ku pagodas and the Kakku reliquary one. Secondly the Burmese structure was constructed under the King Anawratha dynasty.

Alaung Sithu also made a great part in these works by building pagodas during his journeys as a king. Bagan Pagodas in the West are his most prominent works of religion in Shan State. The Kakku Pagoda Feast usually occurs in March, the full moons of Tabaung. There are 9 different events on the 9th day, such as folklore dance, enjoy regional cuisine or tribute to the pagodas.

Situated in the southeast of the Inle Lakes hill, the resort can be reached by road. From Taunggyi it lasts about 1.5 to 2 hrs and from the western part of the pond about 2.5 to 3 hrs. In order to tour the area, it is necessary to rent a guided tour of Taunggyi City with a US$ 5 and US$ 3 entrance fees per group.

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