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Kakku is one of the largest and most spectacular ancient monuments in Asia. Taunggyi Kakku Pagoda Complex has a group of fantastic ancient monuments and is located in the heart of Shan State. Find out why the ancient city of Kakku, Myanmar, travels deep into the Shan Hills into the hidden'Forest of Temples' at Kakku. Ancient Kakku Pagodas, Shan State, Myanmar (of inferior). Pagoda Kakku, Myanmar (Burma) by Corrie Wingate.


Kakku is one of the biggest and most impressive antique sights in Asia. There are over 2,000 stupa, whose origin goes back many hundreds of years. It is not only an excellent example of traditional arts and architectural heritage, but also a proof of the commitment of one of Myanmar's many minority religions, the Pa-Oh.

The Pa-Oh have been living in peaceful conditions for many hundreds of years, they cultivate their lands and devote much of their energies and finite riches to the creation of convents and cloisters. The Kakku is about 33 nautical leagues from Taunggyi. The Kakku is in Shan state. The Kakku is in the Pa-Oh people's area. More than 2000 Stupa are close together and cover an area of maybe one sqkm.

Initially, each must have been crowned by a gold-plated metallic Hyti. the multistage, umbrella-like characteristic of Myanmar pagodas. However, there are so many original sites that this place must be free from the devastating power of the earthquake that regularly devastated many of Myanmar's other monument.

Exterior decor on many of the Stupa's is easy. almost sparsely. the builder. focused on gracefulness and shape for effect. but other characteristics lavish decorations. The many statues, which are sculptured in plaster and seemingly lightly decorated in their original colours, decorate a niche in the pedestal, or render quiet tribute, many of which still contain ancient Buddha pictures, are even more alluring.

Angel, musician, dancer - all with a lot of skills. Its seclusion and the restraint of the locals have contributed to preserving the sculpture and art to an extent not seen in other antique Myanmar memorials. The Kakku is a invaluable part of human inheritance, a truly magnificent example of the creativity of outstanding individuals.

According to legends, the first stupa of King Alaungsithu, King of Bagan from the year 12. The Kakku is situated in the southern Shan state. Scientists say that Kakku was constructed about 400 years ago, but there is no record of it. The Kakku Puagoda Feast usually takes place in March, the full moon of Tabaung.

The Kekku was the centre of devotion to the Pa-O folk. The Pa-O folks come to celebrate the Pa-O in their best outfits. A few from the surrounding towns come to the feast with cattle.

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