Kakku Inle Lake

Inle Lake Kakku

Kakku Pagodas are pagodas in the hills overlooking the valley southeast of Lake Inle. The Kakku Pagoda Festival usually takes place in March, the full moon day of Tabaung. The Inle Lake trip to Kakku offers us the best sides of Kakku.

Pagoda Kakku, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Come and see Kakku Lagoons with us! Taunggyi Kakku Pagoda Complex has a group of amazing old memorials and is situated in the centre of Shan State. This is mainly a group of several thousand tombs and shrines erected in the sixteenth cent. Each year, this beloved touristic destination in the town draws a large number of travellers who come to the old monasteries and Buddhist docks.

The Kakku Pagoda Complex, Taunggyi attract the interest of tourists in the whole land as well as in other big states. The Kakku Pagoda Complex in Taunggyi was founded by the inhabitants of Shan State and the Thaton region. Located 26 leagues southward of Taunggyi, Kakku borders the municipality of Naung Mon to the north.

Kakku's whole Kakku territory is shrouded in Pa-O towns and offers a wonderful scenery with pagodas and sanctuaries. Kakku Pagoda Complex is a favourite touristic destination and was recently open to all. The visitor can see the nature and the cultivations along the streets leading to the Pagoda complex.

You will have plenty of opportunity to observe the Pa-O Indians' way of life and take a look at their cultures. You can get an impression of the lifestyles of these ancient inhabitants who laid the foundations for the astonishing Pagoda complex.

Kakku Inle Lake Excursion - 1 days

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