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Astonishing Kakku Pagodas in Shan State, Myanmar (Burma) Google Map shows the location of Kakku Pagodas in Lake Inle, Lake Inle, Myanmar and other things near Experience Travel. During an Inside Burma Tours holiday or vacation you will see the little visited but impressive Kakku stupas between the hills of Shan State, near Inle Lake Burma (Myanmar). Shan State, Myanmar (Burma).

Excursion to Kakku, Myanmar (Burma)

We had a two hours ride to the city of Taunggyi in Shan state after the fair, where we had to stop at the Pa' O People'slective Centre. There we had to buy an entry ticket and engage a guidebook (to ensure that some tourists return to the community).

From a fashionable T-shirt and a pair of denims, our tour guides turned into a classic look before getting in the van with us. After that we went to Kakku for another about 1 hr. Kakku has been here for centuries, but the area has only recently opened up to the tourist.

As a matter of fact, my guidebook didn't even report it. They are said to be over 2400 stupa in Kakku, and I don't want to try to counter them to verify them. We walked over the door to a large but empty eatery (no wonder, as there were almost no other visitors there).

Sightseeing - Review of Kakku Pagodas, Taunggyi, Myanmar

In July a full excursion took me to Kakku, the center of Shan State with its historical and culture-valuables. This was the culmination of my 8-day FAM tour to Myanmar, which was mostly overpowered by the sun, rains and smile of the area. Kakku and Kalaw came to my head.

I undoubtedly decided on Kakku. Kakku is the core of Shan State. In order to get to Kakku, I traveled over land with an attentive Shan rider who was very friendly and delighted to stop at all the renowned places to show me their worth, despite the fact that his English was limit.

On the way from Taunggyi to Kakku we spoke a great deal and I found Pan a kind man with a very wealthy understanding of his area. It seemed he was very proud of his Shan heritage. At noon we reached Kakku, which was a great day to discover the place. In this case the Stupa with Shan and Burmesian style are harmonically coordinated.

Leaving Kakku in the evening with a great feeling, I didn't forget to take some valuable photos with Pan.

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