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It's the headquarters of Kakamega County. Kakamega, despite its easy accessibility, is a quiet haven for nature lovers, the perfect place to relax for a few days. dp="mw-headline" id="Naming">Naming< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> The Kakamega is located 52 km northerly of Kisumu, Kenya's third biggest town and harbour town at Lake Victoria. Kakamega's mean altitude is 1,535 m. After Nairobi, Kakamega is the second biggest district of Kenya.

In Kiluhyah, the term "kakamega" was translated coarsely as "pinch", meaning how Europeans would consume the basic foodstuff utali.

The Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology is a new university founded by a law of parliaments in December 2006 in the city of Kakamega on Kakamega-Webuye Street. The Kakamega area is receiving very high rainfall every year and contains Kakamega Forest, a reserve that is a relic of a rain forest that ran westward through Uganda.

Featuring few shrubs along the dim woodland bottom, the major barrier is the old overturned logs that block the path between the stands. BIOTA Ost, a BIOTA East programme supported in Germany, has been working in forests since 2001. Initially, forests were inventoried for all types of species and the goal is to find ways of using forests sustainably.

Over 400 bird varieties have been found in the Kakamega Regnskov. The Kakamega is also home to Africa's biggest and most violent of cobras, the Kakamega wood comber. Otters, Negro Otters and Greens are other snake in the area. Though Kakamega is not the main target of many relief organizations, some of the region's nonprofit organizations are not.

The" Kenya HACCP " improves the quality of healthcare provision - collection of excess lab and clinical facilities in Denmark's clinics, etc. and changes in pharmacies and healthcare centers in the Kakamega area of Western Kenya. It will also supply the necessary facilities for the Kakamega Provincial General Hospitaller - and help the Hospitaller to set up a pathology unit to prepare the Hospitaller in collaboration with the regional school.

The NGO that supports the use of sunlight for cookery, operates an agency in Kakamega. Based in Kakamega, Kenya, the organisation works with peasants in peasant communities throughout Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi. In Kakamega is the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, on the Kakamega - Webuye street.

The majority of Kakamega elementary and middle and lower education institutions are in the possession of the state. The Kakamega Elementary is the most important elementary and is situated in the center of the citycenter. Among the privately funded colleges known throughout the country are The Kakamega Hill and St. Joseph Elementary Colleges. Kakamega is also home to a nationwide grammar college, Kakamega High and many other colleges.

There is a well-stocked collection in the city, which has been established by the Kenya National Library Service. Skip to top ^ "Archived copy" (PDF). Dive up ^ Priscilla M. Shilaro,'A folded Eldorado:  British Trusteeship, Luyia Land Rights and the Kakamega Gold Rush, 1930-1952', PHD (Geschichte), University of West Virginia, 2000, S. 154-6 & 180-186 ; siehe auch :

Leap upwards ^ Election Commission of Kenya: Registered on June 28, 2007 at Wayback Machine. CES Canada " CES Canada " Jump up " Friends of Kakamega " Bridge up " Access " Kenya Aid " Bridge up " The Shar keenly.

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