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The Kaiyuan is a word from the Chinese phonetic alphabet (pinyin), it stands for several meanings due to different forms of Chinese characters. This is Kaiyuan, town, southern Yunnan sheng (province), southwestern China. pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Demographie[edit]>> The Kaiyuan (Simplified Chinese: ??;

Chinese Traditional: ??; pinyin: K?iyu?n) is a district town within the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture jurisdictions in the southeastern Yunnan provinces, China. Kaiyuan's maximal and minimal ocean levels are 2,775.6 metres and 950 metres respectively. Kaiyuan Town Almanac (1996:618) listed the following Yi ethnical sub-groups.

in Jiagu ??, Xieshimu ??, and Luopodong ??? of the municipality Beige ???; Laozhai ?? of the municipality Dazhuang ???, etc. Axialipo ????: in Jiufang ?? and Honggshiyan ?? by Lebaidao ??; Chongmen ?? by Mazheshao Township ??, etc. in Dapingzhai www. Digaopo ???: in Dapingzhai www. Dapingzhai www. zhongheying.com and Miduo ????; Hulutang www. Mazheshao municipality ??; Adeyi www. Lebaidao municipality ???; Taoshu ?? municipality of Dazhuang www.dazhuang.com, etc.

Appreciated in the domain of tradtional fighting skills, Kaiyuan hosted the first Chinese festival of tradtional fighting skills in 2006. The Kaiyuan is a long-established industry town that pays great heed to its environmental issues. Their goal is "to build a prosperous town with an environmentally friendly industry base".

The Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences is also located in Kaiyuan.

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